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Walkthrough Index C

Post by Phil » 05 Jan 2009 00:57

- C -

Caesar's Palace by Leandro Dubost
Caitlyn's Castle by LarryB
Cakeworld by DJ Full
Cakeworld Rebake by DJ Full
Calm Before the Storm by EssGee
The Calling by Greywolf
Cambodia's Catacombs by Piper
Candy Mountain by Agnes
Canterville by Codo
The Canyon/First Cataract by Jbc21
Captain Alban Olympics by TimJ
Caribbean Disaster 1-3 by SilentViper
Caribbean Disaster 4-6 by SilentViper
Caribbean Disaster 7/8 by SilentViper
The Castello Visconteo by Agnes
The Castle by Pedros
The Castle by Lucas Malmgreen
The Castle (Le Chateau) by Claude Gross
Castle of Anxiety by QRS
Castle Cain - In the Dark by Cain
Castle of Dark Illusions I / II by Seifer Zero
Castle Doomsday by Data
Castle Doomsday 2 - Doomsday's Dungeons by Data
Castle Doomsday 3 - The Final Battle by Data
Castle Doomsday 4 - Chronicles by Dhama
Castle of the Holy Treasure by Mr. XY
Castle of Jives by The Give
Castle Kriegler - Part 1 by Ruu11
The Castle of the Maleficent Mask by Trinh
Castle Malvernia by StormChaser
Castle Near the Lake by Rainbow
Castle Ness by StormChaser
Castle O'Dwyer by Night by Jer_Atch
Castle Riverrun by Masha Frenkel
Castle Riverrun, Part 2 by Masha Frenkel
Castle Rotenherringstein by DJ Full
Castle of the Timeless Sands by Cornchild
Catacomb Moments by Christoph Summerer
The Catacombs of Sri Lanka by Brad Casali
Catacomb Towers by Piega
The Catacomb of Wesarius by Ext
Catacombs by rowadie
Catacombs of Alexander by Daniel Sherwood
The Catacombs of Anubi by TheMark
Catacombs of Bellona by BHM Productions
Catacombs at the Coast by Nils Bengfort
Catacombs at Dusk by afzalmiah
Catacombs of Fog by Rapetou
Catacombs of the Lost by Verios
Catacombs Of Pyramid by Rafal Stanczyk
Catacombs of Rome by Samu
Catacombs Sample Level by Keith T.
Catacombs of Talion (TR2) by Tijay
Catacombs of the Guardian by George M
Catacombs Revisited by Titak
Cathedral of the Black Goat by Colin Benson
The Cathedral of the Fallen by staticon
Cat's Eyes by Hofer
Catweazels Lair by nusrat
The Cave by George Maciver
Cave of the Ancients by Lukas Moll
The Cave of Pandora/Lost Camp by Hokolo
Cave Village by TrueRaider
Cave Village 2 by TrueRaider
The Caverns by TombRaiderFan
Caverns of the Dead by Tony Tomb
Caverns Remake by kauli-fc
The Caves (Demo) by Nico
The Caves (Remake) by Maxime Guidoni
Caves of Amun by Will Gell
Caves of Manaus (Demo) by raiderromeo
Caves of the Sphinx by Luca
The Caves of Ukschatu by Bibi Kroft
The Caves of Xephradia by Jorden Silva
Cebu Castle by Clarence Hill
Celtic by Artefactor
Celtic Folly (covers both versions) by Inchdix
Celtic Folly v2 by Inchdix
Center of the World by Psiko
Centralia by Phil Bateman
The Chalice by Marcos
The Chalice II - Mysterium Revelatum by Marcos
Challenge of Ba by Raymond
Chambers of Dust by Tolle87
The Chamber of Elements by BlingBlingBrat
Chambers of First Impressions by Bjorn Schrijen
Chambers of Knowledge by Sharon
Chambers of Second Chances by Bjorn Schrijen
The Chamber of Secrets by Bartosz Miziolek
The Chambers of Wonder by Ben Best
Chanukka by Masha Frenkel
Chaos (Caos) by Franky
Chiclayo Caves 1 by VoodooKiller
Chinese Artefact by Hmkayfloh
Chosen - Part 1 by Mytly
Christians, Muslims, Buddhists and others by Juan Carlos Pena Delgado
Christmas Level by Piper
Christmas in Tibet by Sweet
Christmas in the Trenches by Alessandro Licata
Christmas in Venice by Miss Kroft
Christmas Special by SilentViper
The Chronicles of Lara Croft - New York 1999 by Lukasz Croft
Chronicles Memories - The Cursed Templar by LOTRKingluis
Chunnel by Lukasz Croft
Church and House (demo) by Psxsaves
CIL by Qunai
The Citadel by Igor
The Citadel Gates by Yann Houbas
City by Cem Filiz
City at Crocodile Lake by 6 of 9
City Chronicles by Pedro Moya
The City of Broken Dreams by staticon
City of Dahaffy by Daffy
City of Dwarves by Agnes
City of Gods by Levelzentrum
The City of Gods 1: The Cave 1+2 by Claude Gross
The City of Gods 2: The forgotten Passage by Claude Gross
City of Khamoon Revisited (Demo) by DT
City of Kupar by Batotel
City of Marostica (Demo) by Trey
City of Memory by Bigfoot
City of Ptah (Triad of Memphis) by Dave
City of Vilcabamba by Joe Seymour / Moog307
City of Vilcabamba 2 by Damian Knurowa
City of Vilcabamba (Remake) by Stitch
The City of Wonders by Ben Best
Clara's Home by Clara
Classified Codename Lara by Devoid
Cleopatra's Other Palace by Dhama
Cleopatra's Palaces, Revisited by Wizzkiddo
Cliff Tomb at Akhetaton by Troosevelt_26
Climb Up by Daoine Sidhe
Clinic of Death by Lukasz Croft
Closed Timelike Curves by Greywolf
The Coast of France by Rudolf
Coastal City by Pedro Moya
Coastal Run by UFO
Cobra's Lair by Jamie White
Code Zero (demo) by tombraider1703
Codice Ammer by Mikki
Cold Crystals - Part 1 by austriawing
Cold Friends by O-eight
A Cold, Wet Day in Paris by davep83
Cold Winter Nights by Dark Death
The Colosseum by Valentino
Coming Home For Christmas by Marion Hundertmark
Community Level 1 by Eidos Forum
Community Level Deux by Eidos Forum
Company's Complex by Tijay
Complex Simplicity 2010 - Castle Burgeck
Complex Simplicity 2010 - For Auld Lang Syne
Complex Simplicity 2010 - Fortress of Fear
Complex Simplicity 2010 - The Keeper of the Seven Keys
Complex Simplicity 2010 - The Princess and the Nasty Dragon
Complex Simplicity 2010 - Prisoner in the Castle
Complex Simplicity 2010 - Rescue the Princess
Complicated Case by LaraHCroft
Continuous Level by Palopique
The Copacahuana Idol - normal version by Raymond
The Copacahuana Idol - expert version by Raymond
Corsica by Horus
Cosmos 2199 by JP
Costa Rica - Episode 3 by Dnf Productions
Costa Rica Bonus Level - Motel Savahna by Dnf Productions
The Cottage by MpGrill
The Country/The Temple of Time by Lorenzo Tancredi
Courel's Sands by Angel Ruiz
Courel's Sands (Remake) by Angel Ruiz
Courel's Sands 2 (demo) by Angel Ruiz
Courel's Sands 2 (full version) by Angel Ruiz
Court of Tamuhnra by Dan Nuttall
Coyote Creek by The Team
Coyote Creek 2 by GMac, Titak, EssGee and The Cowboy
CPU Crash by Richard Lawther
The Cradle of Life by 911
Crash in the Highlands by seven125
Crazy by Nadia Rubin
Create A Classic: 20 Years of TR - Temple of Amen Ra by AgentXP
Create A Classic: 20 Years of TR - Catacomb by Sabatu
Create A Classic: 20 Years of TR - The Dragon Statues by Erikku
Create A Classic: 20 Years of TR - The Lost Egyptian Hand by LoreRaider
Create A Classic: 20 Years of TR - The Hike by Mordyga
Create A Classic: 20 Years of TR - The Temple of Isis by Shakira Croft
Create A Classic: 20 Years of TR - Search for the Sun Seraph by kaufi-lc
Create A Classic: 20 Years of TR - Rome (Beta Demo) by DCW123
Create A Classic: 20 Years of TR - Caves by GeekofComedy
Create A Classic 2019 - Abandoned Cathedral by Osvaldo
Create A Classic 2019 - All Roads Lead to Rome by LOTRKingLuis
Create A Classic 2019 - Green Adventure by Croftyboy
Create A Classic 2019 - The Harp of Dagda by constantine
Create A Classic 2019 - Hostile Waters by SrDanielPonces
Create A Classic 2019 - In the Highlands by grinder1
Create A Classic 2019 - Legacy of the Scion by Baslakor
Create A Classic 2019 - Lost in the Amazon by Reggie
Create A Classic 2019 - Lost Library of Demetrius by DCW123
Create A Classic 2019 - Monastery of Talion by PhryneCroft
Create A Classic 2019 - Puna's Revenge by LoreRaider
Create A Classic 2019 - The Pyramid of Horus by Sabatu
Create A Classic 2019 - Rome Streets Mystery by 911
Create A Classic 2019 - The Russian Base by dinne
Create A Classic 2019 - Sleeping With the Fishes by tombraiderxii
Create A Classic 2019 - Strange Catacombs by Scourge05
Create A Classic 2019 - Tomb of Thoth by Dreamfall
Create A Classic 2019 - Vacation of the Tomb Raider by AgentXP
Crocodile Tears by Lapinot
The Croft Curse by God Horus
Croft Manor by Aurelien52
The Croft Woman 1-3 by Lindén
The Croft Woman 4 by Lindén
The Croft Woman Returns by Lindén
The Cross of the Damned by Yann Houbas
The Crypt of Elehna by Geoff Blakey
Crypt Entrance (Demo) by Jan Haeck
The Crypt of Tohokan by Jamie White
The Crypts by Tabsdad
Crystal of Anubis (Demo) by Maati
Crystal of Life by Bibi Kroft
Crystal of Life by Maati
The Crystal of Life by Roli
Crystal of Life Remake (Demo) by Sabatu
Crystal Mines by GameGlitcher77
The Crystal Skulls - Part 2 by Matie and Tombraider95
Crystal Temple 2 by Emoo
Crystals of Amun by dennis 16
The Cube by Pedros
Cube by Miroslav Pavlovich
The Cube Room by pvonr
The Curious Ventures of Larson 1 - Yestermorrow by Benjamin George White
The Curious Ventures of Larson 2 - Forest Tick Tock by Benjamin George White
Curse of Gold - Chapter 1: Reaching the City by TC14
Curse of the Mountains by Matt Davis
The Curse of Poseidon by Bodlac
Curse of the Scarab - Part 1 by magpie272
The Curse of the Scorpion by Andreas Markus
Curse of Xian by Elfy
The Curse of Xian (Demo) - Marco's Mansion by Devoid22
The Cursed Castle by Bernard Collet
Cynnie's Dream by Cynthia

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Re: Walkthrough Index C

Post by Phil » 05 Jan 2009 01:05

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