The Lost Amulet

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The Lost Amulet

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Levels by Osvaldo

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


Lara drops down into the Desert Ruins. Step forward into the open area and shoot two scorpions. There's a closed door in the S wall that requires two keys. As you approach it a ninja climbs up from behind a block. Go back to the E openings. Both now and later, you can proceed in a direction other than the one I've chosen, as the tasks here can be performed in any desired order, but that could lead to some confusion should you later need to consult this walkthrough. Take the left one and follow to a flooded area. Deal with the crocodile and again face two openings. Wade into the one on the left and go around to a open area with two crocodiles. Get the small medipack on the block against the S wall, stand jump NW to the next block and take a running jump W to the long ledge.

Enter the dark room at the N end, shoot a scorpion and pick up the SHOTGUN to your left. Jump into the water and grab the shotgun ammo on the W side of the ledge. Enter the nearby W opening and swim around to a small medipack. Open the door in the NE corner and follow the winding passage to an underwater lever that opens the door to your right. Get air at the NE ceiling hole and get shotgun ammo down in the NW alcove. Pull the underwater lever near the ceiling to open the door at the SW corner.

Go there and follow another winding passage down to an open area where you'll find uzi ammo and a closed E door. There's also a NE shaft with a ceiling air hole. An opening at floor level in the W wall leads to another closed door. Locate the small floor opening near the SE corner and swim inside. Follow around, surface and pull out for a small medipack, blue and red shotgun ammo and revolver ammo. Use the reach-in switch to register SECRET #1 and gain a large medipack.

Swim back to the previous room and find a sneakily hidden ceiling switch near floor level at the S wall near the SW corner. Pull it down to open the door in the E wall. Go there and follow the winding passage to a new open area. Turn right (N) and make your way toward a niche in the N wall with an underwater lever (cut scene of a closed door). Go back S along the E wall to find a second underwater lever (cut scene of the same door opening). If you have time, there are flares in the SW corner alcove.

Return to the previous room and loop around left and up for air in the NE shaft. The opened door is at the end of the SW passage in this room, so go on through and pull out into a small room with a scorpion. Climb the ladder in the E wall to a passage with flame blowers. Time your way past them and push the button to open an underwater trap door. The shootable jar contains a scorpion.

Get back down and swim to the previous room. Continue to the back of the room and through the E door to the room with the underwater levers. The opened trap door is to your right in the NW corner shaft, so swim through and emerge at a room with the SUN DISC on a plinth. Return to the previous room, exit W to the next room, exit N up the ramp, loop around left and exit S up the ramp, continue until you get back to the outdoor crocodile pool.

Pull out onto the ledge that spans the pool and go through the S passage to a partially flooded room with a central cage. There's uzi ammo near the SE corner, and the E opening leads to yet another large room providing several different choices. Get on the only block without flames, and the flames go out on the adjacent block, but only for a second or two after you get there. Save your game for a practice run, jump to the second block with similar results on the next block and continue clockwise along the blocks until you reach the E ledge with two closed doors. You'll return here later, so jump into the deeper water for flares and note that the current keeps you from swimming into the E passage.

Return to the W side of the room and enter the NW opening. If you're quick you can get past the flame blower before it activates. Pull down the wall switch at the end to open one of the E doors, go back and cross the room to the SW opening. Shoot a scorpion in the next room. One of the large jars hides shotgun ammo. Go back to find that the E door is again closed, so it must have been timed. To get there you have to navigate those flaming blocks with some speed, so the practice run was not wasted time.

Before performing the timed run, locate the dark tile against the S wall near the SE corner and step on it, as it's a "stealth" trigger tile opening a trap door in the adjoining room. Return to the timed wall switch. You can reach the first block with a running jump, so save your game again in front of the switch and perform the run to the E door as described above. When you get there, use the reach-in switch to lower the central cage you saw earlier. The switch can be used a second time, but I'm not sure if it's good or bad to do so. Go around to the other door, which opens upon your approach from this side. Exit this room W and follow to the previous room where the cage lowered.

A trap door has also lowered near the NE corner, so jump in and follow to a room with the UZIS, 3 x uzi ammo and a large medipack for SECRET #2. Return to the previous room. Nothing happens when you try to place the Sun Disc on the revealed receptacle, so something more must be needed. Exit N to the crocodile room to find a ninja waiting. Jump into the water and look up at the S side of the ledge to find a ceiling switch. Pull it down to open a gate elsewhere.

There seems to be nothing more that can be done in this area for the moment, so exit E and follow the partially flooded passage to the gate by which you entered, up the steps and around to the beginning outdoor area, then loop around left and enter the other gate on the right.

Pass a closed door with a receptacle and continue down the steps, shooting a scorpion along the way, until you reach a room with a central, shallow and empty pool. The corner jugs you can shoot are empty. There's a closed W door and openings in the N and S walls. Follow the S passage, jump over a flame pit and come to a room with many reach-in switches that are steady, intermittent or dormant. Use the dormant W one first for a small medipack. Go across to the E wall and use the intermittent one on the left. The left one in the S wall becomes dormant, so use that one to make the left one in the W wall intermittent. Use that one to make the one on the right in the E wall intermittent. This one causes the one on the right in the S wall to become dormant, and when you use that one you get a screen shot of a closed door.

Exit to the room with the central pool and take the N passage. Time your way past the spikes near the entrance and follow to a ledge and a deep pit. Go to the N wall, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing along the tracks toward the first blower. Continue to where the track changes color at the S wall, and this causes the first flame blower to convert from constant to intermittent. Time your way past the flames and drop down onto the N block to push a button.

Get back on the monkey bars and monkey swing all the way to the W wall. Drop down in front of a bay of reach-in switches. Use the dormant middle one for shotgun ammo, the intermittent one on the left and the now-dormant one on the right. The door you saw in the cut scene opens, so monkey swing back to the E ledge (the second block burner is now active but intermittent) and drop down. Return past the spike trap to the room with the central pool to find that the W door is now open. Enter and take the ANCIENT KEY from the plinth.

Turn around to deal with a ninja and exit the pool room via the E opening. Another ninja is waiting just around the corner. Continue up the steps to the closed door you passed by earlier and use the Ancient Key to open it. As you enter the next room an assassin comes up on you from behind. Take the GUARDIAN KEY from the plinth and exit this room.

Continue up the stairs to the outdoor beginning area, loop around right and enter the other E opening. Follow to the partially flooded area with two S openings. Take the opening on the right and you'll soon come to a large area guarded by a crocodile. One of the large jars next to the seated statues hides flares. There's a ninja prowling about above, and you can probably target him by getting on the NE block. The ladder in the column is blocked by a trap door. The gate you opened with the underwater ceiling switch in a previous room is in the E wall. Enter, go up the steps and follow the passage to more steps leading to flame blowers and a scorpion.

Get past the flames and a scissor blade trap to a small room with a jug containing shotgun ammo. Push the button to open a trap door in the adjoining room you visited earlier and go back the way you came. Continue to the partially flooded room and climb the ladder on the S column where the trap door lowered. Shoot the waiting ninja if you didn't do so earlier and note the closed door over in the W wall. Follow the ledge around to three reach-in switched at the W wall. Use all three to get a large medipack, uzi ammo and to open that door. Shoot a ninja on your way back and head over to the opened W door.

Take a running jump over from the trap door ledge and light a flare as you turn the corner in the dark passage. Get past two scissor blade traps, grab the revolver ammo in the second alcove to your left and enter the next room for the SUN TALISMAN. Another ninja tries to bar your way as you exit. Jump back to the trap door ledge and shoot two crocodiles roaming about below. Climb down the ladder and grab the shotgun ammo as you exit W.

Loop around right once you get outside and enter the S gate on the left side. Back in the crocodile room, swim to the ledge, pull up and go S through the passage to the room with the lowered cage. Combine the Sun Disc and Sun Talisman and place the SUN GODDESS on the pedestal (facing W). A door opens back in the crocodile room, so return there and take a running jump E from the ledge to grab the block in the water. Pull up, jump N to the opened door and follow around to a room with shotgun ammo and the second GUARDIAN KEY.

Go all the way back to the beginning area outside, turn right and place the two Guardian Keys to open the S door. Follow to a room where a scissor blade trap is activated as you approach the entrance. Get past it and take the GOLDEN VRAEUS from the plinth to open the exit door in a familiar room. Return to the beginning area and take the left E opening. In the flooded area take the right S opening and continue across the partially flooded room to the SE corner where you'll find the opened S door. Light a flare and save your game before sliding down to the next level.


As you slide down the slope, activate the jump switch in the ceiling niche ahead to open the E door in the room below. One of the large jars hides a large medipack. Enter the E passage and follow to 2 x shotgun ammo, uzi ammo and the REVOLVER for SECRET #3. Hop back to evade the blade trap and exit to find a ninja waiting for you.

Head down the S passage and follow to a room with a central pole. Climb the pole and back flip into an upper room. Shoot the jars for a small medipack and push the floor lever to open the N door down below and release two bats. Slide down the pole and go down the N ramp to a ledge overlooking a deep pit. Take a running jump to the E platform when the flames are down and jump S to the safe platform. Time the flames to reach the N ledge with the reach-in switch. Use it to open the S door in the room below and return the same way you came.

Run across the room to the S opening and follow to a room where two bats attack. Grab the uzi ammo near the NE corner. One of the wall blocks is highlighted, and indeed it's a pushblock. Pull the block into the room and move it to the SW corner so you can use it to access a crawl space. Use the reach-in switch inside and get back down. There's another crawl space up near the NE corner where you got the uzi ammo, so move the block there and pull up W to find another reach-in switch. This one lowers a ceiling trap door in the room below, so get down and move the block there.

Get on the block, pull up W and jump E to activate the jump switch to open the E door in the previous room. Go there, follow the passage to the next room and wait for the ninja to approach from behind you. Note the receptacles for four vraeus artifacts and the E crowbar switch. Activate the jump switch in the W wall to open the adjacent door. Go down the steps and shoot a jackal. Pass a closed door on the way to a puzzle room where you're attacked by several bats.

Note the ladder leading to a closed trap door, a number of diamond tiles on the floor and ceiling (which appear to be decorative only), two closed doors and three colored floor tiles. Activate the SE jump switch to open a floor trap door near the NW corner. Drop down there and get past a giant cigar cutter on the way to a room with six flaming reach-in switches. The door closes behind you as you enter. All flames are constant except one that is intermittent. You know the drill; start with the intermittent one and work your way around until all six have been activated. Some can be used twice; again, it's not clear whether doing so is good or bad. Along the way you acquire a small medipack and shotgun ammo, and you get a cut scene of the diamond-tiled floor.

The E door opens, and the W door remains closed, so go E and follow the passage to a T-intersection. The ramp to the left goes to a closed door that requires a Guardian Key, so go right and come to an opening overlooking a larger room. Shoot two waiting jackals and the two large jars for a small medipack. Push the floor lever to open the S door. Go on through and come to a deep pit.

Jump SE to the wheel and pull it a few times, look right and see where you have to go. Pull the wheel again at least a half dozen times, jump forward over the wheel, turn right and jump to the next ledge, continue with a running jump NW to the next ledge, turn a bit left and hop past the descending door. Shoot a family of bats that were aroused during your run and face another set of flaming reach-in switches. Use the dormant one to lower a trap door in the previous room, then the intermittent one to open the exit door.

Jump the ledges back to the W opening (you can skip the ledge with the wheel) and return to the previous room, where two more jackals are waiting. Climb the E ladder past the opened trap door, back flip onto the platform and mount the N ladder wall. Shift right and around two corners, drop down in front of a passage and follow past a jar with uzi ammo to a flaming reach-in switch that gives you the GUARDIAN KEY. Safety drop to the room below and exit via the W opening.

Continue W up the ramp and use the Guardian Key to open the door. Shoot the assassin and enter the N puzzle room. Pick up the CROWBAR near the NE corner. The E and W doors are now open, so find the pushpieces in the adjoining rooms and move them into the puzzle room and onto the tiles bearing their corresponding colors. When the last one is placed, a ceiling trap door opens in the SW corner, allowing you to climb the ladder to an upper passage.

Get past the giant cigar cutter and follow to a room with a GOLDEN VRAEUS (2 of 4, you got the first one in the previous level) on a plinth). Safety drop to the room with the receptacles, which is now partially flooded. Shoot the waiting assassin and two ninjas, grab the small medipack dropped by one of them and use the crowbar switch you noted earlier. The door to your right opens, so follow to the next level.


Proceed to the next room, and once again a ninja has followed from behind. Hop onto the ledge, where there's a closed door and a receptacle, and shoot the jugs for a small medipack. Continue W and follow to a ledge overlooking a pool room. Climb down, shoot the nearby jug for flares (the other one is empty) and note the closed SW door. Follow the SE passage down to a room with empty jugs, a closed door and a middle floor section with blade traps. Continue W to the next area and the door closes behind you.

A corkscrew ceiling is descending, so quickly use the four reach-in switches to open the W door and crawl underneath the blade and ball trap just around the corner. The next room has more blade traps in the central section. Push the floor lever to open the SW door in the pool room and watch out for the two ceiling ball and blade traps as you exit E. Pull down the wall switch in the alcove to your left to open the door to the next room. Engage the ninja and don't worry about the central floor section here.

There's a closed door at the end of the W passage, so go S and return to the pool room. Go across to the opened SW door and take the ANCIENT KEY from the plinth. Hop back quickly to evade the blade trap and pick up the shotgun ammo. The N ramp is for later, so return to the pool room, jump into the water and swim down the opening in the floor. Follow the passage to another pool and squeeze into the SW floor crack. Follow around and pull out into a room with a floor lever. Push it to lower a trap door somewhere.

Swim back to the previous pool, pull out S and go through the next room and into the passage. Jump over the one-time horizontal blade trap and shoot two bats in the next room, which has a closed door and three colored pushpieces. Start with the green piece and move it onto the E-W track. Move the blue piece onto its tile and move the green piece next to it. Move the red piece all the way across the room onto its tile, and finally do the same with the green piece. The S door opens, releasing a jackal.

Follow the passage to a dark room with two jugs, one of which hides shotgun ammo. Activate the jump switch in the W wall to move a sarcophagus you passed by earlier. As you exit this room a fire wraith is awakened, so run past the sarcophagus to the pool and jump in to extinguish the wraith. Return to the sarcophagus, drop down to the revealed passage and shoot a bat. Side flip past the giant cigar cutter, note the closed S door and go N to find a floor lever that opens the S door.

Go there, and in the first room go right (E) into the next room for a small medipack, exit and loop around right into the E room with a crowbar switch that lifts a platform in the first pool room. When you exit this room a swarm of beetles follows, so quickly go S for flares in the last room and retreat N as more beetles fall from the ceiling. Turn left and side flip past the giant cigar cutter, pull up into the sarcophagus room and shoot the waiting ninja.

Go N to the nearby pool room, jump in and swim back to the first pool room. Pull out and go to the SW passage. Go left at the plinth and up the N ramp to an opening that overlooks the pool room. Jump E to the ledge, turn left and line up for a running jump and grab to the raised platform. Pull up, hop with grab into the S opening and go forward to claim the GOLDEN VRAEUS (3 of 4). Exit and drop down into the pool, pull out E and climb the ladder to a passage that leads back to a previous room.

Shoot two ninjas and an assassin, pick up the uzi ammo and small medipack they drop, climb up on the ledge and open the door with the Ancient Key. Go on in, pass by a closed door, step on a trigger tile to open the next door and enter a maze as the door closes behind you. Many thanks to Teone for the following solution:

Go right (E) into the next room, left (S) into the next, and go straight (S) through the next two rooms. Turn left (W) into the next room, right (S) into the next two rooms, left (W) into the next room and another left (N) into the final room where you see the trap door you lowered much earlier with a floor lever.

Follow the passage and doors will open upon your approach. Count them, and when the fifth door opens, proceed no further but turn around and go back to a room with two bats for SECRET #4. Collect your goodies: 2 x uzi ammo, the UZIS, a small medipack and flares. Go back along the passage and this time turn back after two automatic doors have opened (but go all the way up to the second opened door before turning around). The path to the opened trap door should be clear now, so pull up to the maze.

This is the way out: Go E through the first four rooms, go right (N) through the next three rooms, left (E) to the next room, left again (S) through the next two rooms, and right (E) to the exit as Lara's theme music plays. Follow the passage to the room room where two jackals attack. Take the GOLDEN VRAEUS (4 of 4) from the plinth and continue N to slide down a slope and jump to grab a pole at the end. Slide down one level, back flip into a niche and collect flares and shotgun ammo, jump back to the pole and slide all the way down.

Look down into an obvious bull pen, but first jump to the N ledge, then the W ledge and go through the opening. Follow to the next room, shoot a bat and move the pushpiece onto the marked tile. The E door opens, releasing two jackals. Shoot the jugs in the next room for shotgun ammo and pry the GOLDEN STAR off the wall. Return to the bull pen.

Jump S to grab the first rope, turn left, swing and jump W to grab the second rope (easier if you slide up one rung from the bottom), swing and jump to the W opening. Go in and push the floor lever to open a trap door down in the bull pen. The NW pole leads to a closed door, so standing at the NE corner of the ledge, take a swan dive down past the opened trap door into the water. Swim to the other end of the passage and pull out. Avoid the marked spike tiles on the steps and go up to the pry the second GOLDEN STAR off the wall.

Swim back to the bull pen and pull out. Go to the closed S doors and place the Golden Stars to open them. As you enter a platform rises in the bull pen room. Continue forward, shoot a jackal and use the reach-in switch to open the exit door. On your way back to the bull pen you hear a warning sound. Sure enough, the bull is now waiting and ready for action. Your job now is to use Lara's body as bait to entice the bull into charging into the two eye panels in the walls of the room. When this is done, the raised platform drops back down.

Climb the NE blocks and either jump directly with a right curve to the S ladder or use the crack in the wall to shimmy over there. Climb the ladder to the S ledge, jump to the N ledge and then the W ledge, and use the ropes once more to reach the far W ledge. Jump to the NW ledge, face S and climb the pole. Back flip into an upper passage and follow up the steps past a corner blade trap to a wall switch that opens the door and allows an assassin to step in.

The passage to the right (S) leads back to the maze, so go left and hop down from the ledge into the N passage. Follow around for a brief revisit to the second level.

Level 2: CHAMBER OF RELICS (revisited)

Step forward and place the four Golden Vraeii (did I get that right?) to open the E door. Go forward to find the LOST AMULET on a plinth. Hop back to avoid the blade trap as the door ahead opens. Follow the passage, climb the ladder at the end and pull up to end your adventure.

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