Temple Ruins

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Temple Ruins

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Level by Raildex

Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with help from Doggett TV's video walk

The compass is rather useless, so I'll give directions as best I can. Also, be aware that you can save your game in this level only by using the savegame crystals that are provided along the way, and you have only three in your inventory as you begin. Lara slides down into a jungle forest. Walk forward and slightly to your left with pistols drawn to flush out two cobras. There's a small medipack hidden in the greenery just to the left of the first cobra. Continue to your right toward a lake and a tiger attacks. Note the corner block with a keyhole above it. Jump into the water and swim against the current toward the far left corner, where you'll find the MONKEY KEY on the lake floor. You know where that goes, so swim back and pull out at the large tree.

Use the Monkey Key to lift an underwater gate and jump back into the lake. The opened gate is in the short passage just to your right, so swim inside and surface in a new outdoor area. Pull out to your right, kill a tiger and hop up onto the dirt mound in the far left corner. Turn to your right, run/jump to grab the ramped ledge, pull up and run forward for uzi ammo. Get back down and run to the other side of the pool. Go straight all the way to the rock wall, turn left and jump up to grab the crack in the stone wall. Shimmy left and around the corner to drop down onto the block. Turn right and jump up to grab the sloped surface. Shimmy left around the corner and over the Shiva statue until you can go no further. Drop down onto the block, turn around and run/jump (no grab) onto the lower right corner of the block in the pool.

Pick up the MONKEY KEY and jump into the water. Swim to the side where you encountered the tiger earlier, pull out and locate the keyhole on the left column. Use the Monkey Key to raise a block behind you and attract another tiger. Get on the raised block and jump to the top of the column with the keyhole. Run/jump to the next column and from there to the ledge. Pull down the wall switch to open the door and go inside to find a SAVE CRYSTAL. Continue along the passage to a ledge overlooking a lake with waterfalls.

Hang from the ledge and see three alcoves below you. The one on your left contains a small medipack, the one on your right has a wall switch. You can't release and grab, so the only way to access the alcoves is hop back from the edge and hit the action key to glide into the alcove. Of course, if you choose to access both alcoves you'll need to swim back to the pool and make the trip back up as described in the previous paragraph.

After you've pulled down the wall switch, a block rises on the ledge above you. The only way to get up there is by repeating the moves already described. Get up onto the raised block and run/jump to grab the edge of the tree limb facing you. Pull up and go forward to the tree trunk. For a pickup, hang from the left side, shimmy left along the crack and release to drop through the leaf canopy onto a limb below. Pick up the large medipack and note the nearby closed door in the wall (you've already seen it from the other side). You can't get back up from here, so there's nothing to do but jump back into the water and repeat the moves described earlier.

Once you've reached the tree limb a second time, go around clockwise to the next tree trunk, turn to face the green wall if you're a secret hunter and hop back with the same glide technique to drop onto a lower block for SECRET #1. Pick up the shotgun ammo and uzi ammo and yes, you now have to make the same painstaking trek to get back up to the tree limbs. Do so and make your way clockwise past the second tree (watch the low ceiling). When you reach the end of the limb, don't attempt to jump to the tree remnant ahead. Instead, turn around and hang/drop to the ledge below.

Turn around again and run/jump through the waterfall to land on a ledge. Run forward and enter a crawl space. Crawl blindly through the greenery until you can stand up. Turn to your right to face the waterfall you just now crawled past. You may wish to invest one of your save crystals here if you want all the secrets. Run/jump as far as you can toward the waterfall with a right curve so that you land as close to the wall as possible. You'll immediately slide backwards, so hit the action key as soon as you clear the edge so that you glide onto a flat surface below. There's not much margin for error, so you may have to try a few times before you succeed.

Find the opening to your left and go around to the next section for SECRET #2. Pick up the small medipack, flares and shotgun ammo and -- I hate to have to tell you this -- jump into the water and make the long trek once again to the ledge near the waterfall (refer two paragraphs up). Jump through the waterfall to the ledge and go through the crawl space again. This time, continue around the ledge to a second crawl space and follow it through more greenery until you can stand up in a cave.

Step forward and shoot the cobra, continue around to the far corner to find shotgun ammo hidden in the greenery, then enter the nearby crawl space and drop down the other side into a cavernous area. Go forward, shoot another cobra and find a small medipack in the nearby plant. Continue to the top of a slope and use another save crystal if you wish to be sure of getting the next secret. Slide down the slope on the right side and jump over the boulder with a sharp right curve to land on a flat spot for SECRET #3. Pick up the small medipack, flares and shotgun ammo (same combination as last time), jump back out and slide down to a lower flat spot.

Shoot the cobra down below and continue down to a dark room with a Shiva statue. There are two corner pushblocks, but only one is accessible. Pull that one back to reveal a crawl space. Crawl through and drop down the other side into a large room. The Shiva statue there comes to life, so shoot it (when it isn't shielding itself with its swords) and grab a SAVE CRYSTAL perched on the ledge. Pull down two of three wall switches up there (the two that face each other) to open a gate down below. Before going back down, take an angled running jump into the alcove with an elephant design on one side of the room for a small medipack. Get back onto the wall switch ledge and jump to grab a ledge on the other side of the room. Pull up and go around for shotgun ammo.

Drop down to the floor and go through the open doorway. Take the left fork (the way to your right is blocked), go past a closed gate on your left and shoot two tigers in the next room. Grab the SAVE CRYSTAL and pick up the flares in the nearby alcove. With the Shiva statue to your left and the large opening ahead of you, run over the raised tile to open a timed door overhead. Continue forward into the opening, turn around and back flip onto the sloped block, jump off to grab the ladder, climb up and turn right after pulling up. Run/jump into the timed doorway and enter the next room. (The wall switch to your left just re-opens the timed door).

Locate the uzi ammo on the floor just ahead and to the left of the entrance, then find the ramped opening and crawl past the obstruction to a ledge overlooking a deep room. Hop over the gap and pull down the wall switch to lift a gate somewhere. Return to the previous room, use the wall switch to re-open the timed door if you haven't already done so, and safety drop to the room with the Shiva statue. Exit to the wall switch room and loop around right to the corner where you can stand on the rubble and jump up to grab a ladder.

Climb up and drop off to your right. Crawl through and drop down into the room on the other side of the grated doors you saw in the room with the Shiva statue. Ignore the nearby wall switch (it just opens the way to a previous room and closes behind you), shoot two tigers, grab the SAVE CRYSTAL and pull down the wall switch on the other side of the room (the side opposite the dirt mound). Note the flame blowers ahead and save your game.

Jump over the spike pits, as far away from the flame blowers as possible (each time waiting for them to pause, of course) until you reach the opening where the swinging blade becomes active. Slip flip over it, grab the SAVE CRYSTAL and simply crawl underneath the next blade trap. Go around the corner to find yourself facing a quicksand pit. Simply hop in and wade counterclockwise around the room, keeping close to the walls at all times. You'll be completely submerged for a second or two along the way, but just keep chugging along until you're about halfway along the second wall (after having turned the corner once). If you continue toward the opening ahead, you'll drown with no escape.

You'll know you're at the right spot when Lara emerges from being submerged a second time along this wall. Look left and up. You should be just beyond an overhanging ledge. Walk across the room to the brightly lit far wall (directly toward the walrus face you see at eye level). Turn right and follow the wall in a clockwise direction until you're able to pull up into the opening.

Run up the dirt mound, loop around left and pull up into the higher opening. Step out onto a ledge overlooking the quicksand pit and save before you take a rather tricky running jump and grab to the ledge you saw earlier from down below. It helps to hang from the first ledge, then pull up and roll before taking that jump. Pull up, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing the rest of the way across to the corner ledge. Drop down, turn left and run/jump with grab (lest you bump your head and drop down into the quicksand) into the opening. Grab a SAVE CRYSTAL and a large medipack to your left. Pull down the wall switch in the alcove to your right to open the nearby door. It starts to close as you approach it, so get through quickly and sprint for your life past a gauntlet of spiked walls, collecting a SAVE CRYSTAL along the way. The door at the other end opens as you approach and closes again when you reach the safety of the steps.

Shoot two tigers in the next room while avoiding the spike pits in the floor. Pull the corner pushblock three times so you can use it to reach the ledge above and pull down a wall switch to raise a pushblock down below. Get down and move the second pushblock adjacent to the first one, then as far away from the first one as possible. Get back up to the ledge, push the wall switch back up and find a new opening in the floor. A platform has also been raised across the room. Drop down into the hole, crawl around the dirt pile and pick up the shotgun ammo. Enter the crawl space, stand when you're able to and walk carefully into the spikes. Pick up the SHOTGUN for SECRET #4 and go back the way you came (or pull out of the hole, using only the action key and up arrow).

Return to the first pushblock and pull it once more so you can use it to access the facing ledge with another wall switch. Pulling it down activates a platform across the room, near the one you raised earlier, except that this one rises and falls periodically. Get onto the second pushblock and use it to access the static platform you raised earlier. Pull up, turn left and back up to the edge. When the timed platform starts to rise, stand jump to it and continue with a running jump to grab the ladder ahead. Shift left around the corner and climb up to an upper room.

Pick up the small medipack on the short ledge to your right and continue around to a wall switch that opens a door in the previous room. Return to the ladder, climb down and release at the bottom, rolling when you hit the floor to minimize your health loss. Find the open door and go in to find a water hole. Jump in and swim down to a room with shotgun ammo and uzi ammo on the nearby ledge. Swim across the room into the opening and follow around to another room with two underwater levers, one on your right and the other on your left. Pull them both to open a ceiling trap door between them and swim up for air.

Pull out and shoot a tiger. Jump into the large pool, locate and pull two underwater levers, one on the second column to your left and the other on the third column to your right. The ledge is too high for you to pull out on the side with the save crystal, so go back and pull out on the side where you entered this room. Note that flame blowers have been activated between the columns on the facing walls. Stand left of center and light a flare to locate the nearest of several translucent suspended tiles. Take a running jump to grab it, pull up and take two standing jumps diagonally to your right. Take a running jump toward the save crystal onto the fourth tile, followed by a running jump (no grab) to the far side.

Collect the SAVE CRYSTAL and go just beyond the wall torch for uzi ammo. Turn around, stand at the edge of the pool and locate a suspended translucent block. Stand jump and grab it, pull up, turn around and take a running jump onto the ledge. Pick up the small medipack, pull down the wall switch and drop down to the floor. Go past the Shiva statue and through the corner opening. Turn right and a door closes behind you, preventing any escape. Note the spike wall, pull down the wall switch and sprint to your left toward the far wall past the opened lattice door. Reverse roll, pick up the KEY OF GANESHA as the exit door re-opens and sprint back the other way and to your right to safety before the spike wall reaches you.

Wait for the spike wall to pass by, then return to the passage and find flares and a large medipack where the spike wall originated (the exit door won't close behind you this time). When you return, you find that the lake has been replaced with quicksand. Look up at the ceiling and line up with the left of two parallel tracks (you should be facing the middle of the opening on the other side). Take a running jump into the quicksand and wade straight forward until you reach the next to last column on either side of you. Angle right and wade toward the far right corner until you're opposite the last column. Turn right and wade a few steps toward the column, then turn 90 degrees left and wade the rest of the way across.

Pull out and run up the dirt mound a bit to your left. Pull up higher and find the opening on your left. Vault up inside and follow to some steps. Continue to a room with a SAVE CRYSTAL and drop down through a hole in the center of the floor. Stand at the top of a slope and save your game. Slide down the slope to trigger three boulders. Take a running jump near the bottom, sprint forward and jump over the spike trench just ahead of the pursuing boulders.

Continue forward, jump into the water hole and let the current carry you forward and up a ramp past a waterfall, depositing you into a lake. Pull out onto the ledge, look for flares at one end and a opening at the other end. Go up the steps into a small room with a central floor hole. First, locate the low crawl space and enter it for uzi ammo, then slide backwards down the slope and safety drop to the room below. You'll recognize it as the wall switch room you visited earlier.

Get up onto the ledge with the three wall switches. This time, pull down the switch on the far wall, turn to your left and pull that switch back up. A door opens in a corner of the room (the opposite corner from the doorway you opened earlier). Enter and pull up right into a higher room. You can see a save crystal ahead, but first, pull back the pushblock to your immediate left. Return to the room with the wall switches and loop around right past the flaming torch. Pull up into the crawl space by which you initially entered this room, stand up in the next room and loop around right past the Shiva statue into an opening revealed by the moved pushblock. Hop down for SECRET #5 and shoot the cobra hiding in the weeds before stepping forward for the SAVE CRYSTAL.

Return to the pushblock you just moved and go around it into the next room for another SAVE CRYSTAL. Go around the left side of the arena for uzi ammo just beyond the ledge, drop down into the pit for flares and vault up into the opening at the far end of the pit. Crawl past the obstruction into a new room and find the pushblock in the far left corner. Pull it three times toward the entrance and get up on it to access a ladder. Stand jump from the back edge of the pushblock in an attempt to grab the ladder (you'll fail), back flip onto the pushblock and jump straight up. You should now be able to grab the ladder. At least it worked for me.

Pull up onto the ledge for a small medipack and take a diagonal running jump to another ledge. Take a running jump across the room to grab a crack in the far column. Shimmy left around three corners and pull up onto a high corner ledge. As you might guess, a boulder is waiting to be triggered at the top of the ramp to your right. Take a few steps onto the ramp and hop back to grab the edge as the boulder rumbles by.

Go up to a room with a SAVE CRYSTAL, swinging blades ahead and a wall switch on either side. First, pull down the wall switch on your right (as you enter the room) to open a timed door and a timed platform beyond the swinging blades. Quickly jump over the blades into the timed doorway. Run past the sleeping cobra before drawing your pistols to dispose of it from a safe distance. Get the small medipack in the corner to the left of the entrance. In the other corner is a trigger tile that re-opens the exit door. Take a running jump over the gap (spikes below) and grab the far edge. Pull up and stand jump over the swinging blades into the previous room.

Get prepared for a double timed run. Pull down the wall switch on your left (as you entered the room earlier), reverse roll and run to the other wall switch to pull it down again, get past the blades and gap as you did earlier and sprint to the timed door in the far left corner of the next room. Hop into the passage and follow to a dark room with a SAVE CRYSTAL. Shoot two nearby cobras and pull up into an alcove with a wall switch. Pull it down, hop back down and light a flare to find a pushblock in the wall across the room.

Push the block as far as it will go, revealing three more pushblocks to your left. Push the nearest one once (revealing yet another pushblock to your right), then go back along the passage and push the first revealed pushblock once. Hop back, go around and push the second revealed pushblock toward the entrance. An alcove with a wall switch to your right is now revealed. But first, as you face that wall switch, pull back the block on its right. Go around into the revealed passage for a large medipack (by rights should be another secret), then pull down the wall switch (you hear the sound of a trap door opening) and exit to the previous room.

Go to a ramp near one of the dead cobras and look down to see a bed of spikes. Walk down to the right of the spikes and light a flare to see the UZIS near the wall at the bottom of the ramp. Save your game here and do your best to pick up the uzis and get away before the descending boulder squashes you. I did it by simply running forward and picking them up while executing a back flip.

Pull up into the opening near the spike bed and find the trap door you opened earlier. Hop down onto the slope, slide a bit and jump to grab the ladder (avoiding the spikes at the bottom of the slope). Climb up and pull up into an alcove. Pull up higher into the next room and shoot a cobra. Avoid the hole in the floor while grabbing the nearby SAVE CRYSTAL. Drop down the ledge to find a wall switch that floods the room below (cut scene of a waterfall area). Use the block to climb back out and drop down the hole in the floor into the water below.

Swim into the opening, flip turn and pull the underwater lever to open the nearby gate. Swim into a large submerged room and surface for air. Continue across the room through the far opening into the waterfall area you saw in the cut scene. Pull out into the opening in the near right corner and find the pushblock. Push it once and jump back into the water. Pull out near the pushblock and get on it to use a wall switch that opens a door on the other side of the pool. A flame blower is also activated, so swim across and pull out well away from the flames. Crawl to a large medipack, wait for the flames to subside and go through the opened doorway.

Another door opens ahead, allowing access to a room with a Shiva statue and a SAVE CRYSTAL. Pick up a small medipack on the dirt mound opposite the statue and note two wall switches in the far corners of the room. As you might guess from all the lowered platforms around the room, a timed run is next. First, pull down the switch on the right, run over to pull down the other switch, run back to the first switch and hop onto the dirt mound in the corner, reverse roll and jump onto the first of four raised platforms. Take a running jump and grab to the next one, pull up and run/jump diagonally with grab to the next one, run/jump to the last one in the far corner (use grab again so you won't bump your head), turn left and jump forward to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the crawl space in the wall. Turn to face it, release, grab and crawl inside. Stand up and run forward past the final timed door into the next room.

Grab the SAVE CRYSTAL and pull up onto the flaming block for another KEY OF GANESHA. A door below opens when you pick up the Key, so enter after grabbing a small medipack near the opposite corner (noting the nearby closed door) and look down over a pool. Jump down into the water and pull out left through the waterfall. Go through the opening ahead and follow around to a room you explored earlier. Locate two keyholes on the columns near the dead Shiva and insert your Keys of Ganesha. The door between the two columns opens, so enter and save your game at the edge of the spike pit.

Take a running jump and grab over the spike pit. Pull up, run forward and climb the ladder in the far wall as quickly as you can, as a spike ceiling is descending while you climb. Pull up and run forward as a door closes behind you. Ahead is another closed door, so open it with the wall switch to your left. Enter the next room and shoot a tiger, grab the nearby SAVE CRYSTAL and locate the wall switch to the left of the Shiva statue. Pull it down to open a door in the wall far, reverse roll and run across the room to hop into the opening, pull down the switch in the far wall to activate a spike wall, reverse roll and beat a hasty retreat to the previous room.

The Shiva statue has come to life, so kill it. When it dies another gate opens, so enter and face a water hole containing a small medipack and a flame blower at the end of the passage. Crawl underneath the flame and pull up into the crawl space. Drop down the other side into a new room where another Shiva statue comes to life. When it dies a second Shiva statue comes to life, so deal with that one as well. Each statue leaves behind a SCIMITAR, but you can't pick them up until both are dead.

As you face the room from the crawl space by which you entered, there are blocks in the far corners that allow access to ceiling monkey bars. Select either corner (but the one on the right has shotgun ammo) and time your monkey swing past the activated flame blower. Drop down onto the block at the end and take a running jump to the ledge. Insert the two Scimitars in the vacant spots in the dormant Shiva statue and hear the sound of a door opening.

Drop down to the floor and run across the room into the opened doorway. Follow around to a large room where the door closes behind you. Lara looks up at a suspended central corpse while a Shiva statue comes to life (or maybe later; if not now, read on and proceed). When it dies, go to the wall to the left of the opening to find a keyhole and a wall switch. Lara seems to be fascinated by the corpse that's dangling between them. Pull down the wall switch to open a door in the wall behind you. Go there and light a flare at the base of the slope.

Slide down into a room with three wall switches. Pull them down quickly to open a nearby door and thereby evade the descending corkscrew ceiling. Pick up the INDRA KEY and hear the sound of a trap door opening. Run forward and climb the ladder to the previous room. Go to the keyhole you saw earlier and use the Indra Key there to open the door to your right. Go there and find a water hole to your right.

Jump into the water and fight the current to swim across to an underwater lever to the left of a spike wall. Pull the lever, flip turn and follow the wall counterclockwise to a second underwater lever. Pull that one as well and return to the water hole. Pick up the INDRA KEY on the floor slab before pulling out. Return to the entrance to the previous room and see the keyhole to your right. Use the Indra Key to open a door behind you while Lara's theme music plays. Reverse roll, pull up into the opening and run forward to end the level.

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