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Re: Walkthrough Small Talk, thread #2

Post by José » 15 Jun 2017 17:54

Colloseum 2, by Gerbil.

Found the secret bonus chamber the author mentions in the readme file.

Harry wrote:

Climb the seats to the west for flares. Go down and enter a north-west room. Go to the north wall for the open gate. Follow the tunnel and turn to the west. Stop and wait while a rock rolls and drops into a pit in front of you. Continue up the ramp and loop around the corner and an earthquake happens...

After the earthquake, you can go back to the very beginning of the level, to the corridor where you picked up the crowbar to find an opening and in the next room pick up 2 X revolver ammo, the revolver, the grenade gun, grenade gun ammo and grenade gun flash ammo.

There is also an adjacent room where you can jump onto the blocks attached to the walls to trigger some enemies and practice with your new guns: 2 crocs, 2 wild pigs and 2 skeletons.

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Re: Walkthrough Small Talk, thread #2

Post by Teone » 19 Jun 2017 11:12

Create a Classic - The Dragon Statues by Erikku

I want to say three things about this WT

1) To kill or not to kill monkeys

Phil suggests to kill monkeys, even though they are friendly. Anyway, this choice causes a difference in the gameplay: infact, the monkey does not steal the Rusty Key if you have not killed any of them before.

2) SECRET #6 location

This Secret is not where Phil locate it but here:
Enter the crawl space and push the boulder out of the way. Slide down after the boulder and jump off with a right curve to land (most likely) in a hole where a block needs to be raised. Locate a pushblock in the SW corner and pull it back to reveal shotgun ammo and a small medipack. <---- This is SECRET #6

3) Not mentioned levers

Just before the final room where you get the Dragon Statues there are two wall levers (you must light a flare to see them). They are not mentioned in the walkthrough and they seem useless, except for causing some debris fall.
Are they really useless?

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