Most remade TR Games with TRLE


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Most remade TR Games with TRLE

Post by Alex Chap » 23 May 2015 19:55

Being (re)playing old episodes of Tomb Raider, I thought I could animate a little the forum with a simple but interesting question that running through my mind for some time :

What are the most official levels reconstructed with the editor ? Why ? Does there are some that you would like to see today ?

Personally, I find that the most remade levels are those from TR1 and TR2, although there are also some remakes of TR3 such as Nevada. TR4 and TR5 have only few remakes, albeilt I even think TR5 does not have a real one.

But why it looks like that the older TR are most prone to TRLE remakes ? I mean, look at the level of the Great Wall of TR2 for example. Is it for reasons of ease ? Nostalgia ? TR4 and TR5 would they be unpopular ?

I would love to see TR3 remakes such as levels in the Jungle, Antarctica or even better, the South Pacific. :)

And you, what do you think ?

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Re: Most remade TR Games with TRLE

Post by Jake » 31 May 2015 12:56

I think I can state it as a fact that TR2 has been planned to be remade the most times, though not one released to my knowledge. Reimagining, revisit, remake, you name it, you definitely find at least 2 project of each.

You can see countless demos released however, mostly of Venice. I think the reason behind that is simple : the BtB package offered easy solution for that segment of the game without the need to make your own textures or objects. And in general as well, there are many resources on trsearch that can be used for TR 2.

I personally don't see fascination over a remake unless it's miles away from the original quality wise. But we all know the editor is quite limited in those aspects. Most LE users have not yet reached the level where you stop and wonder if it's surely the same game engine TR4 used.

Of course it doesn't mean I throw the idea away, but sometimes I feel that a newly-born project of such remake has more spotlight than a completely original creation. People tend to get way too excited due in no small part to nostalgia I suppose, and forget that quality is important too. :2thumbsup:

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Re: Most remade TR Games with TRLE

Post by larabiker301 » 03 Jun 2015 06:10

As to why the first few games are the most remade, well, they're the easiest to reproduce. The architecture and general structure of the first few

games aren't that complex. Same with Tomb Raider 2, things are just easier to recreate than say levels of Tomb Raider 4 & 5. Though, I haven't noticed any Tomb Raider 4

remakes (or any levels for that matter) however, there has been a lot of Tomb Raider 5 'test' levels though none of them are ever complete (probably due to the complexity
of the editor for Tomb Raider Chronicles editor). It just seems like those would be the best pick.

However, there was talk of a team project that would remake Tomb Raider 5 (or Angel of Darkness...I cannot recall) using the level editor but it appears to have been abandoned
long ago. Whatever the case, I would love to see creative builders rebuild all Tomb Raider games for the public to play. Maybe even show off some skills by rebuilding all the

new Tomb Raider games like Angel of Darkness, Legend, Underworld, and Tomb Raider 2013. There's been some pseudo remakes of those games showing off nothing much but her
outfit that she sported in the official game but not really offering anything much else (in terms of gameplay or etc.). :)
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Re: Most remade TR Games with TRLE

Post by vimmers » 03 Jun 2015 14:17

personally i would love to see more tr5 levels not necessary remakes
but i like both the Russian submarines and Ireland levels

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Re: Most remade TR Games with TRLE

Post by Alfonzo » 01 Apr 2016 17:37

IMHO the most remade levels have to be the "Lara's Home" levels.
Some are good, others are just remakes with a couple of thingys tossed in... and yet some are prologues to an entire "game" level...

If you're looking for a TR3 type level, try "The Sacred Emerald" by Seth94. It's pretty challenging but worth taking for a test drive.
I would have to agree with the others about TR5. That would be one of the tougher games to remake since, it was already fragmented with a story based on some of Lara's minor missions recalled by her partners.

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