Any question you want to ask about LCGoL?


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Any question you want to ask about LCGoL?

Post by MichaelP » 09 Jul 2010 12:25

At the Eidos Forum, Keir has opened two threads where you can post questions about GoL... or you can post them here and I can pass them on to Keir by next Wednesday (July 14!)

Q&A with Kam Yu - Senior Artist


Hi gang.

It's time for some behind the scenes goodness!

Let me introduce you to Kam Yu with whom I'll be doing a Q&A. He's a Senior Artist at Crystal Dynamics. Kam is responsible not only for Lara's new and improved thighs but also for the character art you see in LCGoL and he has worked on previous Tomb Raiders too. If you have any questions about the Lara model, or any of the other character models you've seen in the game, how they were made, the thought process, what it's like to work as an artist in the industry, history at Crystal, what he prefers to eat for dinner then now is your chance!

Obviously we can't answer all questions, but put your questions in here and I'll interview Kam next week and post the answers shortly afterwards.

Fire away!


Podcast questions - we like them


Oh hi...... I didn't see you there. Why don't you make yourself comfortable?

It's funny you should drop by because I was just writing a thread about the community asking Crystal Dynamics some questions. Cool, huh. Let me tell you about it...

This time we'll be answering your questions in a format we like to call a non-streamed audio webcast. You might like to call it a............ PODCAST

Hells yeah! So despite the fact I truly detest the sound of my own voice, I'll be recording a few of these non-streamed audio webcasts or 'podcasts' over the coming weeks interviewing the devs behind LCGoL. We'll touch on various Lara related topics and aspects of LCGoL.
To introduce the series the first podcast will be called.....

'"Wait.... What?" -The History and Concept of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light'


I'll be recording it with Daniel Neuburger (Creative Director) and the lovely Forest Large (Producer). We'll be discussing things like how the project came about, the inspiration behind it, the challenges, the key roles in the team, the high points, the low points in the project, what the delivered food is like, etc, etc.

So generally speaking in a general sense this one is pretty general. If you have any general questions about the LCGoL project on a general level, here's your chance to ask the key people responsible. Just include your question in this thread and I'll see if I can get it answered. If you'd like to record your question and link me to a recording of your voice that I could include in the podcast that'd be AWESOME! Send me a PM with a link to your audio clip if you're cool enough to do this

I'll be recording the podcast the middle of next week all being well.

DISCLAIMER: I can't promise we'll answer all your questions, but I can promise it'll be super, smashing, great.


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