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Contact: - Reviewer Report - December 2018

Post by MichaelP » 01 Jan 2019 18:14

Another Tombraider-Year has come to an end - HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019 to everyone!!

And what a year it was in 2018, with the release of the movie and the new game Shadow of the TombRaider, as well as (for me personally), a whole series of fantastic TR events, such as the movie preview in March in Berlin (with Alicia Vikander being there), the fantastic Shadow Reveal Event and the TombRaiderSuite Composer Buffet Reception in London late April (meeting Nathan McCree in person) and two great TombRaider weekends in late May and mid October with the German TR community.
Hard to believe that 2019 could be any more exciting, but hey, who knows... :D

So - All the best for everyone here in the family!
May you and yours have a happy, healthy and successful 2019!!

Top Levels of the Month - see here

Top Reviewers of the Month

01 - Ryan ( 74 )
02 - Drakan ( 18 )
03 - José ( 15 )
04 - manarch2 ( 12 )

Full statistics HERE

Total Review Count in December 2018: 208

Reviewer Awards


New entries in the Top 50

LB Advent Calendar 2018 - A Summer Adventure
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LB Advent Calendar 2018 - Croftmas Manor
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LB Advent Calendar 2018 - Late for Christmas
Image ... by Dreamfall Image

New entries in the Hall of Fame

LB Advent Calendar 2017 - Forest Kingdom
Image ... by AgentXP Image

Congratulations! And as usual, Thanks to all Reviewers!

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Re: - Reviewer Report - December 2018

Post by JesseG » 01 Jan 2019 19:57

How fitting that an advent level enters the HoF this month. Congrats to all these great advent levels. Here's to a great year of raiding in 2019. :)

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Re: - Reviewer Report - December 2018

Post by Jorge22 » 02 Jan 2019 15:31


And happy 2019 to you too, Michael! :D

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Re: - Reviewer Report - December 2018

Post by Jay » 03 Jan 2019 10:39

Indeed Happy New Year to all.

Now that the Christmas and New Year bit is done and dusted (and I've almost packed everything away), perhaps I can get back to a bit of raiding and reviewing. :D
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