re-Search in the lost gold hand


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re-Search in the lost gold hand

Post by PedroTheGamer » 18 Nov 2018 12:52

hey all :hello:

I want to leave things clean here, this project and an old project, this 2016 and I never told you anything about it, after all I'm an author who likes to develop secretly. but why not? why hide your abilities? I have poblemas with OBS requiring my CPU to be transmitting, I lose my patience I never did this, anyway, I want to make it clear that I do not steal anymore, but you do not steal anymore, I think the seach in the lost gold hand Does it prove everything? No, to be honest, it is being developed from this 2016, and of course I do not doubt copies, but one thing is true here and the mansion, which is TR3 to speak the truth only retexturized and remade in some places of my way ta switched on? Anyway this project yes the level `` THE TEMPLE OF GOLDEN HAND`` yes he and my own, but of course the project will be a failure if it continues this way, from now on I will transmit if I want in twitch building something there all will have proof that all this was not a misunderstanding, repeating `` this project was in development of this 2016, of course you can have copies here and there`` anyway, iginore this chatura and I played and have a legal experience

so hope you understand my point of view, and it was not my intention to post copies, I just wanted to post the first part and I promise that the second part will be my own.

I'm actually happy to be here, but so many projects, that I hardly know which one to start / finish, any idea? :roll:

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