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Re: advent calendar

Post by manarch2 » 26 Dec 2016 10:32

DJ Full wrote:If you also mean my reviews: I don't review in order to dislike.
I'm mostly a fixer, and Xmas games aren't magically error-free.
So in this technical aspect I must treat all levels equally.
I also treat them equally because I never expect them.
This way every level I get feels like a gift, Xmas or not.
You say it's immaterial if we enjoy a gift. I think it's the goal.
To make the better gifts the more we know each other.
And if I don't review your flag field, I'll break your learning curve.
You want me to accept your gift, so recognize mine.

I enjoy your works, the love put into them is touchable.
But while playing them involves fun, reviewing is analysis.
Analysis can skip fun, it shouldn't skip things to fix.
I'm often consumed by the fixes so I forget the thanks.
I prefer to thank you by contributing something instead.
So the review sometimes sounds worse than the fun I had.
Keep it in mind, don't care that much. You're doing great.

There's just one kind of level I truly fail to enjoy.
These levels made for applause, not as a true gift.
The builder wants all the pleasure, not to give a thing.
It also wouldn't matter if it's Xmas period or any other.
In such case no technical abilities can force me to enjoy.
But even then, I analyze the abilities, not succumb to hate.
Possibly a proof I'm doing right is these ultra-low ratings...
The ones I never gave, you never saw and couldn't condemn.
But I will never mistake a "rating" for "award" or "punishment".
It's because some people do this, that other people do this.
It's auto-catalysis, like the sun getting brighter of helium.

EDIT: This took me 3 and half an hour to write, I hate being polite :hammer:
Very well said, I couldn't add anything more here. :2thumbsup:

I also would like to add that there are 16(!) released levels this month, many builders usually having contributed to the advent calendar this time released a level in the CaC competition so I think there's plenty to enjoy this month (besides there are at least two really Christmassy levels). Merry Xmas! :angel:

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