Your All Time Favourite Levels


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Re: Your All Time Favourite Levels

Post by Jorge22 » 30 Jan 2017 10:24

I did play Hypersquare in its entirety (because I took it as my duty to make it through to the end) but, yes, it's just too hard and that takes away a part of the fun. Now, I did think it was brilliant in all levels apart from player-friendliness.

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Re: Your All Time Favourite Levels

Post by scottchu » 20 Mar 2017 06:36

(In the order of the time I played)
1.UB2 by Richard Lawther - First climb-deep-down level I played. Make me feel like Indiana Jones. :D
2.Lara at Movies - All episodes, of course. :2thumbsup:
3.Coyote Creek 1 - First story-telling-with-cutscene levelset I played.
4 Viking by Taras - First level I meet with very-hard precise-run-jump.
5.Quest of Gold by TC14 - Can't never forget that heavy-fog level.
6.HyperSquare by Pisko - First big-than-ever-and-realistic-view-scene giant levelset.
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Re: Your All Time Favourite Levels

Post by Talos » 10 Apr 2017 20:36

Interesting ... here are my top 10

1) Aegean Legends by Trix: It's my favorite LD. Simply wonderful, i love the greek world :D and she has reconstructed all magnificently

2) A Time Odyssey by Trix: same thing as before, but review Pompeii before the eruption ... no words!

3) Lost Lunar Complex by The Eye of Iris: A night Egypt and "alive", colorful and impressive. A feast for the eyes. Mastepiece.

4) Light up the Xmas by Ranpyon: A faithful reconstruction of a village (similar to some streets of Genoa) snowy with the Baker! My favorite Christmas level

5) TR Legacy- Secret of Babylon by Lady Croft Team: I've always loved Prince of Persia, and the story of this level resembles that of PoP. Undervalued, for me :cry:

6) The Eggining by DJ Full: Everyone must play and try Eggining. That's brilliant. Simply brilliant. Evil bunnies are beautiful and ... possessed XD

7) Uncle Silar by the Vagrant: Level with the engine of TR3. Gothic but very nice. Released in 2003

8) TR the Resurrection by LaraHCroft 91: It's TR2 2.0. For someone like me who loves TR2 cannot miss this series

9) Adventures of Lara Croft by Phil: The Croatian level inspired a my level. Simple but impressive. Too bad it's too short

10) Tomb Raider and RMS Titanic by Tomb2player: I love Titanic and the Maria Doria xD this just

Special mentions:

The Theatre of Venice by Nick, The Treasure of Lost Spanish Galleon by Teme9
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Re: Your All Time Favourite Levels

Post by LoreRaider » 10 Apr 2017 21:04

Here's my top 10 levels I've played for now (they're not in order, just how my mind remember them) :)

1) The Last Saga 4 by Tomo, simply beautiful, I can play it forever, but I get never bored

2) The Experiment 3 part1: Under the Moonlight by Bojrkraider, I love moonlight levels and I really enjoyed this one a lot!

3) The Frozen Throne by teme9, I loved the atmosphere the builder got here, just, wow, remembers a lot Rise of the Tomb Raider (and he built this level before the release of this game :D )

4) The Jerusalem Project by CMS, this level it's huge and it has innovative things, also that it has TREP, which it's limitated, and Persia style it's so cool!

5) HyperSquare by psiko, I have no words to describe this one, I enjoyed this one so much when it came out! :D

6) Silent Vill (demo) by Dark Death, even if I hate horror/mystery games, I really liked this one a lot, it has things that are difficult to get working on TREP games :)

7) Neon God by Horus, amazing, all enviroments are detailed and full of objects, I love how the objects are shining on this game! :D

8 ) The Sanctuary of Water, Ice and Fire by Piega, another great level, even if it's old (2002) the builder created a level by using old objects in a perfect way

9) Underworld UB3 by Titak and Richard Lawther, I had so much fun to play that level, and I really like how the rooms were built, like an unreal world :D

10) The Sanctuary of Souls (demo) by Piega, another level that never get me bored, I just love this

I could add so much more level that I've played, but I think I will finish the list at the end of this year, then it's better stop for now :lol:

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Re: Your All Time Favourite Levels

Post by Vena » 02 May 2017 14:49

Laras Magical Xmas Adventures - this one is very special for me. Lara advent calendar is really heart-warming part of christmas for me, and I play this custom every year in that time :D
Reign of Chaos - mystery atmosphere and i really love switching between destroyed-nice design of cities we are visiting in that custom
Dracula's Return - love the story and atmosphere !
The Jerusalem Project - The Cherubim are Calling - same as above. Really my kind of enviroment and atmosphere in games 8)
The Chamber - this one is taking place basically in one room, but I wasn't bored at all ! Really interesting and scary story!

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