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MagPlus The Rescue Series Enhanced Version

Post by MagPlus » 18 Aug 2016 17:19

Hi everyone,

Just a quick info to tell you there's a new enhanced version of The Rescue Series.
Enhancements have been made by annl and are :

- GAME OVER text
- Clear Background
- Ammo Counter
- Flare delay displayed
- New moves like jump out of crawlspace
- New straps mod

You can still play the original one as it is also included in the new downloadable version here :

Read the readme to know how to choose your version.
Have fun ! :)

EDIT : savegames are compatible between versions, even old savegames work. Gameplay is exactly the same ;)

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Re: MagPlus The Rescue Series Enhanced Version

Post by Teone » 17 Dec 2018 15:05

I'm playing this game right now but the enhanced version is really buggy :annoyed: , so I must continue to play with the original one!

In Level 1 everything worked fine, but from level 2 I started to see some strange behavior: enemies don't attack but stand stuck and I can't even kill them.
Other problem: the Sidecar-bike is impossible to drive.
It seems that the initial animation of enemies and bike goes in loop, so the enemy won't activate and the bike is uncontrollable.

Did someone had the same problems with the enhanced version?
Anyway I wrote an Email to Pascal sending him some saves.


EDIT: I've received an Email by Pascal. He knows that the enhanced version is buggy but he didn't build it so... never mind, I'll continue to play with the original version.
And by the way: This game is really beautiful! I love it! :2thumbsup:

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