TR1 - Frank Petser - Four Lost Keys

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TR1 - Frank Petser - Four Lost Keys

Post by sirkenneth » 06 Sep 2017 07:21

This isn't exactly topical ( a TR1 level from 2008), but I thought I'd put it here for future reference. In Four Lost Keys you spend half the level without any med packs or weapon upgrades, so when you encounter the skateboard kid with uzis, it's almost impossible to kill him.

Evidently there are a couple of better players than me out there as someone posted themselves finishing in the trophy room, and the walkthrough says you can beat him if you keep rolling a bunch of times whilst shooting. For everyone else as unskilled as I am, you can beat him by means of a glitch.

For some context, it's the part of the level where you come to a couple of pillars with a room below decorated in red/purple, with a bunch of writing on the wall and a gold key. Make sure you save before you go down (you can't get back up again) as the kid with the uzis will slaughter you.

You want to shoot him from up here, but he won't trigger off unless you're down there, and then you can't get back up again. Here's where the GLITCH comes in handy:

I managed to trigger him by jumping into and bouncing off the right side of this rectangular opening to down below (I'm guessing enough of you registers as having passed through the opening). If you bounce off this corner a few times (one side red, one side brown) you should see him skating around below you. Now quickly jump to the left-hand side where he can't fire at you and save. Now it's a case of sideflip to the right, shoot him for a few seconds, side-flip back to the left again. Repeat several times, and save every time you can do so without losing health.

You need to do kill the skateboard kid to collect his uzis so you can go against the cowboy later on. I thought this was a fantastic level except for this one piece of design. With no med packs and only your pistols, you end up getting completely slaughtered by going against someone with uzis. If the guy who built this level put a couple of med packs there before you face him I think it would rate a lot higher.

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