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PSX Compilation

Post by darkduke606 » 16 Mar 2017 03:24


I'm new to the community, long time Tomb Raider fan. I played through all of the originals in the 90's on the PS1.

Past few years I've spent my time optimizing a Quake port for the PSP, you can find that thread here. What I would like to attempt is modifying the source of the OpenTomb engine for the PSP. Compiling semi-modern custom levels hosted on this website for the original PSX is likely impossible due to the performance limits between memory/heapsize/processing speed, however the PSP Slim has far superior limits to the original PSX. I've also successfully implemented openGL code into the Quake port and was I was able to successfully run multiple custom Quake campaigns on the PSP with the increased limits. I have a working PSP toolchain for development, though glancing at the library requirements for OpenTomb I doubt I will able to successfully compile anything for the PSP though I will likely attempt it. That being said, I did come across this forumboard post. If anybody has any information regarding it or the TR4 PSX Converter by Core Design please respond to this thread or PM me.

Looking forward to playing the levels hosted here on this forum board and thanks to all for keeping this community alive and kicking :)


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