TR2 + TR1 audio, sfx question

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TR2 + TR1 audio, sfx question

Post by eTux » 01 Jan 2010 23:03

Since it's about time to start handling the TR2 and TR1 levels, I wanted to put out a question to the experts out there.

I know TR2 custom levels can be run independently, but to hear any audio tracks you have to insert a TR2 CD in the CD-ROM and have it running in the background. I guess this is because the game engine reads the audios like from a normal music CD. So my somewhat naive question is - if this is the only alternative, i.e. - is this the only way to hear music as intended by the level creators? I suspect it is, but I figured it's worth inquiring before I start doing anything serious about the matter.

As for TR1 custom levels - I've actually yet to complete one - and I only recently had moderate success starting a few up - but I noticed that not only are there no audio tracks (which I suppose is understandable, since there were none, except the ones for the cutscenes in the PC game as well), but there also were no sound-effects. Is this just faulty setup on my end, something system-specific or are all TR1 custom levels in fact to be played this way?

Thanks in advance for clarification on the above points :)

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