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Post by JesseG » 16 Dec 2008 02:19

You won't be using it for a bit, you will need to find and use a swipecard first and get to the next area.

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Post by Jorge22 » 16 Dec 2008 02:21

Right. I know where to use it but I haven't got it................................................... only I was dumb cause I didn't see that the answer was already in the thread! :blush:
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JesseG - The Wolf: Whiplash

Post by Treeble » 08 Aug 2017 23:08

Decided I'd try and wrap up all TR5 levels as there were only a handful missing but I am not getting anywhere, it seems.

From the initial area, I jumped over the fence and was happily exploring this base environment. Found the Silver Key, the Crowbar and a receptacle for a Swipe Card I don't have. However, I am running around in circles now, I can't seem to jump back to the other side of the fence, and from what I'm reading on the walkthrough, I entered this base from the wrong end.

Apparently I was supposed to have swum in through an opening, which is still locked in my game as I just legit climbed to the top and shot the windows after jumping over the fence. I'm hoping I'm just being very thick here lol — I read through the thread but still came up empty handed —, but any hints are welcome before I start over.

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Re: SSJ6Wolf-TheWolfWhiplash

Post by vimmers » 09 Aug 2017 07:51

are this the fence u talk about it's near the start
if that's the case there are a crawlspace at the end of the fence
but that lead you back to where you shoot 3 wolves
so if you haven't done this from start
from walkthrough
Follow the passage downward and swim through the small room which has a barrier on either side. Swim down and follow the passage until you reach an air hole at the end. Pull out of the water and run down the passage to the button at the other end.
u probably have to start over
here are a save you now need to go back to start
the intended way
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