CaC19 - LoreRaider - Puna's Revenge

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CaC19 - LoreRaider - Puna's Revenge

Post by nad » 06 Dec 2019 16:23

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Re: CaC19 - LoreRaider - Puna's Revenge

Post by Driber » 15 Dec 2019 19:40

There appears to be a game breaking bug in the room where you have to push 2 blocks down and pull a lever to flood the room. On my initial playthrough I pushed the 2 blocks down but didn't pull the lever yet, I then exited the room and played a different part of the level and only came back to the room later, at which point Lara would not pull the lever down anymore. I had to go back to an earlier savegame and re-play a considerable portion of the level to get past the bug.

I've included a savegame where the bug has been triggered and the game is broken and can't be finished.
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