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Re: CMS - Ice Age 3 - Global Seed Vault

Post by vimmers » 17 Jun 2018 14:40

from the walkthrough
a Bomb and place that on the crate with explosives. Run out fast, to the right into the gate, don’t bother shooting anyone, just sprint along the dark path and try not to hit the sloped sides… You have to shoot a glass panel too while you’re at it
and if i recall it's a stoned path
if you don't run on a stoned path you are on the wrong way

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Re: CMS - Ice Age 3 - Global Seed Vault

Post by Christiane » 17 Jun 2018 15:14

Thank you. Finished.
Beautiful adventure

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Re: CMS - Ice Age 3 - Global Seed Vault

Post by scottchu » 24 Jun 2018 18:11

Finished. Of course, with help from walkthrough. This is really a very very good game with intense tempo.

Tip: Once placing bomb, Running the timed stone path must be using run and then roll whenever the energy is about ot use up. Keep doing this repeatedly and stay on stone path. Lara just get through the last door (with a single shoot first)in last 2 seconds.

And since there's no SOS thread here, I'd like to say:
the last secret is a must-miss one if not with the walkthrough
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