Psiko - HyperSquare - Rift valley and hell's gate

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Re: Psiko HyperSquare-rift valley and hell's gate

Post by nad » 28 Apr 2018 18:15

I thought that must be something like that, because with the vehicle lara is to fast.

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Re: Psiko - HyperSquare - Rift valley and hell's gate

Post by raidertom » 09 May 2018 21:06

The vehicle is lagging extremely. My feeling: 1-2 frames per second.
It is very hard to navigate through the corridors and the timed runs are impossible to do.
Up to this level I had no problems with vehicles.
System: win xp.
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Re: Psiko - HyperSquare - Rift valley and hell's gate

Post by TombTitan » 09 May 2018 22:44

This vehicle is clumsy and moves slowly, perhaps not as slow as you encounter. It is only used to go over the swamp where Lara cannot swim and will die after a short period of time. However, the vehicle is not used during the actual 30 second timed runs. As soon as the vehicle moves on top of the trigger circle, leave the vehicle at once while the time text message is still on the screen and wade as fast as possible to the spike pits to go in the nearest one with the spikes down, pull the switch and get out before the spikes pop up. Then go back to the vehicle to move it to the next trigger for the next spike pit. You should save where possible after each one since the timing is close.

Also, when going on top of the trigger tile in the swamp at the spike timed runs, aim the vehicle such that Lara will have the shortest direct distance from the vehicle to the spike pit when she jumps out of the vehicle and wades to the pit. She should be able to make it before losing too much health. After doing each pit go to the nearby medical station to recover the health before going back to the vehicle.
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Re: Psiko - HyperSquare - Rift valley and hell's gate

Post by psiko » 09 May 2018 22:45

try closing the game and reloading, it may be the engine problem we are getting since the new updates from Paolone. That vehicle is a motorbike rebuilt and reanimated from scratch, should not give problems, technically.. :angel: but who knows, this engine is getting everyday buggier and buggier on new systems (not your case with winxp)

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