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Re: sonnyd83 1943: The Black Diamond Part 1b

Post by sonnyd83 » 21 Feb 2018 21:05

The following caused much confusion on the beta testing forum, but....

Part 2 i.e. what happens once you finish this level after seeing that giant radio, is actually my level from 2014 called The Black Diamond.

Part 3 which is what you're talking about will be called '2 Minutes to Midnight' and is about using the Black Diamond artefact to stop a catestrophic event from occuring in the future.

Here's the timeline of my 1943 series:
(2012) The Star of David
(February 2018) The Black Diamond: Part 1
(2014) The Black Diamond
(October 2018) The Black Diamond: 2 Minutes to Midnight
(2016) The Iron Cross

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Re: sonnyd83 1943: The Black Diamond Part 1b

Post by drguycrain » 21 Feb 2018 21:53

Wow. Okay. I don't think I ever played Star of David. I'll have to go check that one out.
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