The Experiment Intro

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The Experiment Intro

Post by drguycrain » 21 May 2017 21:31

I'm sorry if the thread for this already exists--i tried searching by author name and level name and used the advanced search but nothing came up.

Can anyone get through the training course so that the third ball alarm goes off? I've tried it multiple times and the third one just won't sound off.
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Re: The Experiment Intro

Post by AlexCroft » 24 Aug 2017 22:28

Sorry If I answer you too late, I have as soon done it, here are you that!
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Now you can push the button near the pool and the ladder sequence to open the passage under the water to take a Bunch of Keys :)

I am stuck at the bike course, because I do it and then when I push the button to go to the secret room it won't activate the process of lowering the barrier to pull the third and the last lever on the attic :/ I think it's a bug, I don't know how and what to do :/

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