BtB2016 - When Ancients ruled the World

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Re: BtB2016 - When Ancients ruled the World

Post by vimmers » 26 May 2017 13:42

raikutee wrote:
25 May 2017 19:41
Thank, that really helped.
what do u want me to say it is the best advice i can give you
cos u seems to be very near to reach it
cut corners when u can
or u can upload your save
rgs vimmers
hit f5 often in the forum

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Re: BtB2016 - When Ancients ruled the World

Post by scottchu » 31 May 2017 17:09

Is that a "humor" or "joke" that Ancients are actually ... :-P
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Re: BtB2016 - When Ancients ruled the World

Post by DavidJHowe » 20 Aug 2017 13:39

I'm completely stuck in this level here:
Opening the Shortcut.

Go right and straight to a dark fire lit cave, jump down onto the sloped block sliding to the flat ledge behind it. Now turn around and back flip, landing on a sloped block, slide and jump to grab the crack, go around to the other side and back jump with roll to grab the grey block, pull up into the gap. Crawl and stand up at the other end. Stand jump and grab the crack, ledge jump up and pull up over the middle of the slope to jump and grab a jump lever. You’ll land in water, follow that tunnel and get out. A Warrior will come for you, shoot him and go up a little mound in the NW corner.

From there jump onto the one S, close to the wall. Jump S to the ledge in the far corner, turn left and jump to grab the smoking wall over the water hole. Shimmy left and pull up at the end, from there run jump onto a rock ledge in the lava pool. Jump to the column, right onto the block and jump back, this time on top of the column. Run jump onto block with the lever in the right hand corner, a door opens up above. It takes some courage, but you CAN run jump back to the lower column ledge, just make sure you stepped all the way into the corner of the block first.
Basically I jumped from the high ledge to the first block in the lava.
Then from there to the higher block (shown) which only has half the top face as standable.
From there up to the higher block on the left.
Then from there right across to where Lara is now, where the Switch is to open the upper door.

The Walkthrough (quoted above) claims that you can jump from here back to the half-surface block, but I've tried and tried and it seems impossible.

So is there a trick to it? There's unfortunately no savegame for this either, so if I can't do it, then that's the end of this level for me.

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