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Brad Casali - Autumn Creek

Post by Treeble » 25 Mar 2017 01:38

(Yes, I know this is nearly two decades late.)

I've decided to give this a new try now that manarch has provided an extensive walkthrough but I still got myself stuck. :hammer: Could anyone help me out? I'm stuck on level Tomb Complex, roughly five minutes into the game by running through the doorway on the right from the first level, and most specifically on this bit:
In the next room jump on the five marked tiles without stepping on any other to open the door.
For my life I can't identify any of the five tiles I'm supposed to step on. :?

Ok, so thanks to the Wayback Machine I found the author's hints regarding the "puzzle" in the room below. I had one of the non-deadly spike traps triggered and I guess this is what was preventing me to activate the flipmap. On my way again...

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