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Re: CaCl - Erikku - The Dragon Statues

Post by Chel » 02 Jan 2017 19:08

I am so confuzzled. I grabbed a Tibetan mask in the watery chamber beneath a collapsing floor tile behind the area where the tiger and trees are. When I follow the passage up and out, I am treated to a panoramic view and a chopper flies off. I cannot return the way I came because of the slope. Is it back to the beginning of the level for me? I think I'm stuck good!

EDIT: Oh nevermind. I found the sneaky tunnel out in the rocky hillside. :hammer:

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Re: CaC - Erikku - The Dragon Statues

Post by Ryan » 13 Jan 2017 22:52

I'm stuck in the green room below the trapdoor that opened with the Prayer Wheels. I've managed to kill some spiders and obtain a Mystic Plaque. There's a closed gate, a jumpswitch with some blocks nearby and a closed trapdoor. I've jumping from the nearest angled block to the switch, but she can't reach it. :? Any help is appreciated.

EDIT: Doesn't matter. Missed a movable block. The thing that threw me off was that it was half the size of a "regular block". No wonder I kept running around like a headless chicken. :D
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