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Re: CaC - AgentXP - Temple Of Amen Ra

Post by alan » 30 Jan 2017 03:15

Ryan wrote: Ah, OK. Do you have the mechanical scarab yet? If so, it can be used on that scarab tile near the crawlspace which will open a nearby door.
I had not thought about that :hammer: Thanks!

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Re: CaCl - AgentXP - Temple Of Amen Ra

Post by scottchu » 21 Apr 2017 15:50

mugs wrote:
09 Dec 2016 20:22
ok. I finally got into the space I was looking at - it was just for a secret and it involved a bit of wiggling to get lara to make the transistion on the MS.
I'm here. I pull 2 JS, 2 WS (one on the dune and one in hidden alcove with trunk beside it). Two gates on ground opened. However, that high gate is still closed. I know it's a secret. How to open it?

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I got it. The walkthrough has some wrong order descrption about it.
The wall in hidden alcove openes UW ledge in pool. Swimming into their is secret #5. Then pull a UW lever at end to open this high secret gate as secret #6.
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Re: CaC - AgentXP - Temple Of Amen Ra

Post by vimmers » 21 Apr 2017 16:03

if i recall just monkey swing to it

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