Harly Wuson - The Lost Acroplis 3: Fight to Guide

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Harly Wuson - The Lost Acroplis 3: Fight to Guide

Post by Zreen » 16 Sep 2016 01:46

[EDIT: just found another thread of this exists, looking through it now if it has my answer. Don't know why it didn't show up in my search before I made the topic]

[EDIT 2: just read through that thread, they indeed encountered the same issue, no answer as to how to fix it there though. This thread can be merged with forum.trle.net/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=25568 or locked, unless there's time for a reply or two.]

Hello all. I've run into a strange issue.
Every one of my saves now starts with Lara burning to death if she's standing on a surface. This glitch is retroactive, and has affected saves that occur before the glitch happened to start.
None of my saves are exempt from this. Sometimes it's delayed until I jump to another surface, but then the glitch happens again.

I'm here, according to Phil's walkthrough:
Timed Swim.

... ... follow the tunnel up and get out onto the bank in the cave.

Crazy Gates.

Shoot the Bat and look for the jmpswitch on the arch R of the gate and the gate will start to go open and close, stand one hop back from the edge of the lavapit in front of it and runjmp in when it is about to open, follow to the next gate and do the same here. Stand 2 sidesteps from the L corner, look at the gate, hop back and runjmp. Slide down the slope and reach a lava room with a rope.

2 Buttons, one in each corner next to the entrance, you can runjmp around the corner to the first or use the rope. Runjmp/grab the rope, go over to the 2nd button and then grab the rope to go through the crazy gate. Position yourself, bottom of the rope, straight in front of the gate, save and hang still, when the gate is about to open, start swinging and swing a few times, till you got the moment where the gate is opening up, then jmp/grabbing into the opening.
At the point of jumping from the rope to the opening, I happened to miss the jump and land in the lava below. Upon loading a previous save, the glitch started, and it followed through the other saves. None of the saves start with Lara fine except where she begins in water, then she either burns immediately upon reaching land, or after jumping to another part of land or platform. The earliest save goes to the beginning of the quote.

If anyone happens to have a clean save of that place, I'd love to have it, if not that's completely fine, otherwise maybe there's a way to fix it aside from starting the level over again (which is not available to me because I didn't backup the beginning-of-level saves). Thank you.
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Re: Harly Wuson - The Lost Acroplis 3: Fight to Guide

Post by Dutchy » 20 Sep 2016 09:20

Could be because of saving in a room with a "death" floor (lava/fire). It will sometimes occur too when you save at the edge of a ledge in the middle of a death floor. When you reload you are burning.. No solution I can think of rather than saving only outside that room.
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