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Re: Lynus - Hogwarts Ruins

Post by TombTitan » 17 Nov 2013 18:18

The pure heart 1 is on a platform in lava in a mirror room after the room with the water scale puzzle (both big and small waterskins). The water scale puzzle is after the horseman room.

The room with "blades" is actually the room with "spikes" where another Key of Wisdom is high above (this key opens the door below). This is the room immediately before the horseman room, and after the pole (which Lara climbs down) through the green mist room (where a torch must be used to open the floor to the bottom).

The 4 shields are the 4 secrets and they look like the shields from the Harry Potter PC games a decade ago. The hints to their locations are mentioned in spoilers in previous posts in this thread.
Unlike the other three shield secrets, Lara must take action to see the shield secret located above the divination room where the skeleton is. As stated in a previous post spoiler there is a secret in a crawlspace behind ivy not far from the Key of Wisdom in the room immediately before the horseman room.

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Re: Lynus - Hogwarts Ruins

Post by veronia » 16 Dec 2013 01:24

I'm not going back, so can I have a savegame before jumping into the fireplace for bonus level plz? ooooh plz plz pz

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