Crash82 - A trip to Egypt

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Re: Crash82 - A trip to Egypt

Post by Manuel » 03 May 2012 19:00

Not habia gathered the hand of Orion where the inclines and the medicine kit :hammer: :hammer:

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Re: Crash82 - A trip to Egypt

Post by zodiac_666 » 25 May 2012 14:20

After killing the blue dog and after the poison dart corridor, Lara is in a room with a block but when I try to move it to the other side she wont do it. What do I need to do to open the gate?

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Re: Crash82 - A trip to Egypt

Post by Blue43 » 03 Jul 2012 18:04

Hi guys. What's the trick in getting out of the crawlspace of the secret behind the statue (after the Lava corridor)?
Every time I try to drop down Lara gets sucked into the wall. I have tried every possible spot.

Edit: Nevermind - got it.

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