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by billie2001
10 Jul 2020 17:28
Forum: Review Forum
Topic: Defining beginner vs. expert player
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Re: Defining beginner vs. expert player

I always wondered what "beginner" means exactly. Beginner to TR in general? Beginner to TR classic? Or beginner to TRLE which are usually harder than the official classic TR? IMO the average player is the one who can complete TR 1-5. Anything requiring more skills than that may be considered for exp...
by billie2001
03 Jul 2020 00:06
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: Reviewer Report - June 2020
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Re: Reviewer Report - June 2020

Congratulations to all :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup:
by billie2001
06 Apr 2020 19:59
Forum: Chat
Topic: So What Are We Doing During Lockdown?
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Re: So What Are We Doing During Lockdown?

I discovered a Greek free lending e-book library with many books that I wanted to read, so there is much reading now :) I make the most of our Amazon Prime Video. I didn't watch much before so this is the first time I use this service. They have some actually good stuff. Some walking but much less t...
by billie2001
02 Apr 2020 16:54
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: HyperSquare season 2 :)
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Re: HyperSquare season 2 :)

Very unique :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup:
by billie2001
27 Mar 2020 21:51
Forum: Chat
Topic: Hello everyone!
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Re: Hello everyone!

welcome lido :)
by billie2001
02 Mar 2020 16:42
Forum: Chat
Topic: Does anybody else...
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Re: Does anybody else...

Signed, but what I'd love as well, would be an "Expand" feature for the reviews. Cause I tend to write a lot, and I love to format (a good formatting is in my opinion super important for the readability and desire to keep on reading) including many paragraphs. So with an Expand feature I could use ...
by billie2001
21 Feb 2020 16:31
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: Lagging problems
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Re: Lagging problems

That's strange because I didn't experience any lag while playing it on a much lesser laptop.
by billie2001
08 Feb 2020 18:50
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: What would you like to see in a TR custom level?
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Re: What would you like to see in a TR custom level?

The Snarky Lesbian wrote:
06 Feb 2020 18:38
I would like more levels in which you do not have Lara's infinite Ammo pistols
noooooooooo :lol:
It should at least be an option.
by billie2001
20 Jan 2020 14:02
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: Overly Complex Levels
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Re: Overly Complex Levels

Like button but not pressed anonymously. Registered users only and only once.
Better not a Dislike button since you cannot specify the reason for disliking it and for so many other reasons. :)