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by LoreRaider
24 Feb 2015 16:53
Forum: Chat
Topic: Happy Birthday Sherlock!
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Re: Happy Birthday Sherlock!

Happy birthday! :D
by LoreRaider
17 Feb 2015 21:31
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Topic: Happy Birthday Horus!
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Re: Happy Birthday Horus!

Happy Birthday! :D :balloon: :woohoo:
by LoreRaider
14 Feb 2015 15:16
Forum: Chat
Topic: Happy birthday, Lara!
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Re: Happy birthday, Lara!

Happy Birthday Lara! :D :balloon: :fireworks2: :fireworks4: :woohoo:
by LoreRaider
10 Feb 2015 21:14
Forum: Stuck In A Custom Level
Topic: Tomb Raider Anniversary II (Demo 2)
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Re: Tomb Raider Anniversary II (Demo 2)

No problem :2thumbsup:
Yoy're welcome :wink:
by LoreRaider
09 Feb 2015 17:37
Forum: Chat
Topic: Happy Birthday White Tiger!
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Re: Happy Birthday White Tiger!

Happy birthday! :D :woohoo:
by LoreRaider
07 Feb 2015 18:19
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Topic: Happy Birthday Dutchy!
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Re: Happy Birthday Dutchy!

Happy birthday! :D :balloon: :fireworks1: :woohoo:
by LoreRaider
02 Feb 2015 13:32
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Topic: Happy birthday Kitkat!
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Re: Happy birthday Kitkat!

Happy birthday! :D :woohoo:
by LoreRaider
27 Jan 2015 19:07
Forum: Unofficial Custom Level Forum
Topic: Poseidon's Sanctum- Croft Manor
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Re: Poseidon's Sanctum- Croft Manor

Here, for me it's so easy this jump :D
by LoreRaider
24 Jan 2015 17:43
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: Trophy Thread
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Re: Trophy Thread

Aiding the Crystalrunner Drarwes
tomb4 2015-01-23 13-41-15-13.jpg
Waterfall Valley
by LoreRaider
22 Jan 2015 18:25
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Topic: Happy Birthday rtrger!
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Re: Happy Birthday rtrger!

Happy birthday :D
by LoreRaider
21 Jan 2015 13:53
Forum: Walkthrough Forum
Topic: Walkthrough Small Talk, thread #2
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Re: Walkthrough Small Talk, thread #2

In a few days, new walk by me: The Experiment 3 Part1: Under The Moonglight by Bojrkraider :2thumbsup: :D