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by moonliteshadow
22 Dec 2007 05:24
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: Free programs...nice stuff free
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Thanks for that sprysiazni :) . I had a quick look at it looks very interesting :2thumbsup: .
by moonliteshadow
21 Dec 2007 11:48
Forum: Chat
Topic: The Old Telephone (story)
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A beautiful story and a far cry from today's "communications services". Computer voices asking you to repeat "yes" to an answer that you've given (Yes) as they didn't understand it etc. I was even going to ask the forum last week if anyone had the walk through to Optus (telephone company) faults las...
by moonliteshadow
21 Dec 2007 10:56
Forum: Chat
Topic: Happy Christmas TRLE members
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Great card quarrystyle. Loved the jigsaw :) :2thumbsup: . Does Christmas seem to get busier each year? :roll: Got all shopping done, pressy's not wrapped yet, but really not happy that have been so busy haven't got back to Advent Calendar and have hardly started it. As someone once said, it's sad wh...
by moonliteshadow
02 Dec 2007 07:12
Forum: Chat
Topic: Good Morning December
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Happy December everyone and I envy those of you who are getting snow. It's very humid here as we've had some storms and the temp is 32c (85f) :sunny: - guess we won't be getting a white Chirstmas again :snowman:
by moonliteshadow
28 Nov 2007 09:52
Forum: Chat
Topic: Good Morning November
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Empathise with you Nadine. I have a close family member who I just can't stand :vomit: but try and put with him 'cos of his partner. Can be VERY hard and makes you really on edge. :wreck: Good luck :|
by moonliteshadow
27 Nov 2007 08:59
Forum: Chat
Topic: TRLE is fixed PART 2.....
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OMG thank goodness I didn't try to log in when the site was down :-o . I would have paniicked. I don't log in everyday and sometimes I log in just to read some of the posts and to see what's happening. Sometimes to ask for help (for which this community is great) and also to see if I can help someon...
by moonliteshadow
20 Nov 2007 09:18
Forum: Official Tomb Raider Games
Topic: TOMB Raider Anniversary - A BIG FIASCO
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I just finished it a couple of weeks ago - we had to wait for ages here in oz. I couldn't download it even tho' It was available to download from sites in other places :angry: Anyway, I did enoy it altho' got frustrated with those darned rope swings and adrenalin dodges on more that one occasion!! I...
by moonliteshadow
24 Mar 2007 05:53
Forum: Administration
Topic: Thanks to the TRLE-Community
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I too am very appreciative of this community and would like to thank all involved. I joined in March 2002. My daughter put me on to it and excitedly told me "mum, we will never have to be without tombraider again as there are just hundreds of games to play." We used to wait and wait for the official...