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by Alarable
07 Sep 2008 06:52
Forum: Stuck In A Custom Level
Topic: Leif Melles -Fortress Stonerock - part 1
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I'm not sure if I'm supposed to be up here????

After getting the little cog wheel thingy, I pushed
the block to below the opening near the cog pedestal.
Then I climbed up here. Do I proceed this way?
Or go back to a previous level and do something
else first?
by Alarable
15 Aug 2008 00:57
Forum: Stuck In A Custom Level
Topic: Lukasz Croft - Underwater Galleries
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You'll get THE gun later, after you've dodged a nasty dog.

I currently need two stars to open a door and sadly,
I only have one. :(

I have the rather obvious one. Where's the second one.
by Alarable
18 Jul 2008 17:34
Forum: Official Tomb Raider Games
Topic: Video-Eric Lindstrom UW Director
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Video-Eric Lindstrom UW Director

I came across this at:

Thought it kinda interesting.
Who is the Lara model?
She's very pretty.
by Alarable
30 Dec 2006 20:15
Forum: Chat
Topic: The Travels of Ms. Lara Croft....
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Shandroid can you take her to UNL?
Get some pics by the fountain near the student union.
Take her inside Morrill Hall and get some pics with the
dino dudes!

I look forward to seeing more Lara in Nebraska.