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by Harry
20 Dec 2007 03:25
Forum: Level Editing Questions
Topic: Beta Testers
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Beta Testers

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask for Beta Testers for a level. I wanted a better appreciation of the hard work all the authors did in the levels for which I did walkthroughs. So I tried to make a level myself. I would like a few people to test it and suggest things that could be bettt...
by Harry
13 Dec 2007 23:33
Forum: Level Editing Questions
Topic: Invisible pole rope
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Invisible pole rope

I am using the coastal.* files with the shore.tga texture file. I can place a polerope with the original editor and see in the level. When I play the level, the polerope is invisible. You can climb it but not see it. The OCB does not invisible turned on. What I am doing wrong?
by Harry
01 Nov 2007 21:59
Forum: Walkthrough Forum
Topic: Walkthrough Small Talk
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I had an accident on my bike and messed up my left arm and hand badly.
I am almost back to normal now. I learned to never put your arm out to stop yourself from falling. Taking the fall is less damaging. At least, I was wearing a helmet so my brain was OK (if it ever was?).
by Harry
30 Aug 2006 13:12
Forum: Unofficial Custom Level Forum
Topic: Trophy Thread
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The key mentioned in the walkthrough was in the first release of level 4. The author later changed the levels and the key has to be carried over from level 3. To carry over the key, you have to use revised tombpc.dat file (trtla.dat?) available from the author's site. Revised walkthroughs were sent ...