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by Shady Croft
26 Oct 2006 09:54
Forum: Level Editing Questions
Topic: Add more textures to one TGA file
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Hey Bigfield,
Dont forget to download new texture sets from too, texture sets from all the tomb raider games (even Legend),that way you can mix em all together... :2thumbsup:
by Shady Croft
21 Oct 2006 14:39
Forum: Level Editing Questions
Topic: Problems With Creating New Project
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Hey Bigfield, thanks alot for opening this thread. I'm kinda a newbie myself, I started a project some time ago but I lost my files when my brother formatted the computer (It was called The Pharoah's hideout...I dont think anyone still remember it) anyway, now that I have my own computer I wanna sta...
by Shady Croft
18 Oct 2006 11:49
Forum: Level Editing Questions
Topic: Matrix Rain - is it possible?
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Woaw!!! :-o a level inside the matrix and a digit-made rain!!! How did you come up with that idea??....sounds great...looking forward to seeing it.