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by Ejecta
24 Oct 2018 01:18
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Topic: Palace of Menes - WebKnight
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Palace of Menes - WebKnight

Hello, could someone make a transcript for the dialogue in this level please? My German skills aren’t what they used to be, I can’t find anything on the web and basically, I’ve got no idea what the heck these people are saying! :cry: Here’s the download link. I believe the audio tracks with the dial...
by Ejecta
24 Oct 2018 01:10
Forum: Walkthrough Forum
Topic: Walkthrough Small Talk, thread #2
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Re: Walkthrough Small Talk, thread #2

I am not sure if this channel has been shared before and while I've only seen a handful of their videos, they seem to be complete walthrough runs of the levels. He seems to be going in order of release date, quite a behemoth task. According t...