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by billie2001
03 Jul 2020 00:06
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: Reviewer Report - June 2020
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Re: Reviewer Report - June 2020

Congratulations to all :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup:
by billie2001
06 Apr 2020 19:59
Forum: Chat
Topic: So What Are We Doing During Lockdown?
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Re: So What Are We Doing During Lockdown?

I discovered a Greek free lending e-book library with many books that I wanted to read, so there is much reading now :) I make the most of our Amazon Prime Video. I didn't watch much before so this is the first time I use this service. They have some actually good stuff. Some walking but much less t...
by billie2001
02 Apr 2020 16:54
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: HyperSquare season 2 :)
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Re: HyperSquare season 2 :)

Very unique :2thumbsup: :2thumbsup:
by billie2001
27 Mar 2020 21:51
Forum: Chat
Topic: Hello everyone!
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Re: Hello everyone!

welcome lido :)
by billie2001
02 Mar 2020 16:42
Forum: Chat
Topic: Does anybody else...
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Re: Does anybody else...

Signed, but what I'd love as well, would be an "Expand" feature for the reviews. Cause I tend to write a lot, and I love to format (a good formatting is in my opinion super important for the readability and desire to keep on reading) including many paragraphs. So with an Expand feature I could use ...
by billie2001
21 Feb 2020 16:31
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: Lagging problems
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Re: Lagging problems

That's strange because I didn't experience any lag while playing it on a much lesser laptop.
by billie2001
08 Feb 2020 18:50
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: What would you like to see in a TR custom level?
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Re: What would you like to see in a TR custom level?

The Snarky Lesbian wrote:
06 Feb 2020 18:38
I would like more levels in which you do not have Lara's infinite Ammo pistols
noooooooooo :lol:
It should at least be an option.
by billie2001
20 Jan 2020 14:02
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: Overly Complex Levels
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Re: Overly Complex Levels

Like button but not pressed anonymously. Registered users only and only once.
Better not a Dislike button since you cannot specify the reason for disliking it and for so many other reasons. :)
by billie2001
16 Jan 2020 17:02
Forum: Chat
Topic: Updated levels
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Re: Updated levels

I don't think the builder asks for the update notice on the levelinfo page, I think Michael adds it whenever he updates a file simply so reviews submitted prior to the level update don't seem random. A good example that comes to mind is Florianopolis , for which plenty of reviews were submitted bef...