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by Marksdad
21 May 2018 11:05
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Topic: Happy birthday agnes!
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Re: Happy birthday agnes!

Many happy returns!!
by Marksdad
02 May 2018 10:29
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Topic: Happy Birthday MichaelP!
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Re: Happy Birthday MichaelP!

Many Happy Returns,Mr Prager :D

:jump: :fireworks2: :fireworks4:
by Marksdad
21 Apr 2018 09:35
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Topic: Happy birthday Alex Chap
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Re: Happy birthday Alex Chap

Many happy returns!! :fireworks3:

Have a great day (and keep building :) )
by Marksdad
20 Apr 2018 09:07
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Topic: April and Spring has started
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Re: April and Spring has started

Always interested in seeing pictures of local landscapes.
A fine rocky summit - but I hope that wasn't blood in the final photograph!
by Marksdad
15 Apr 2018 08:49
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Topic: Happy birthday Ryan!
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Re: Happy birthday Ryan!

Many happy returns!! :2thumbsup: :balloon:
by Marksdad
28 Mar 2018 11:27
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Topic: Whatever happened to........
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Re: Whatever happened to........

Bjorkraider is still around and active,and has been Gerty's houseguest once or twice. Dimpf was hugely active in for a few years until around 2005'ish. We met up a few times;but then life moved on for him - and her name wasn't Lara :) Sash has made appearances once or twice;but that's about...
by Marksdad
12 Mar 2018 10:40
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Topic: Happy birthday Jay!
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Re: Happy birthday Jay!

Many happy returns,you even older Trout :) :2thumbsup:
by Marksdad
01 Mar 2018 17:01
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Topic: Hello Cold March
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Re: Hello Cold March

I've just spent the day driving from Carlisle (near the Scottish border) down to Bedford (40 miles north of London).
Quietest drive I've ever done!
Snow everywhere;but the motorway's were excellently gritted,and most drivers were obviously staying at home. :)
by Marksdad
17 Feb 2018 10:29
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Topic: Happy birthday, Horus (30)!
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Re: Happy birthday, Horus (30)!

Never Thirty!
Not at all.No.
It was a year or two back that she was 18, wasn't it?
Clearly there's been some error with the database.

Happy Birthday,anyway :)
by Marksdad
10 Feb 2018 09:57
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: Tomb4.exe
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Re: Tomb4.exe

Welcome back,btw :)
by Marksdad
07 Feb 2018 10:13
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Topic: Happy birthday Dutchy
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Re: Happy birthday Dutchy

To get to your birthday presents,you need to turn W out of your bedroom;descend the staircase;head NW;collect Uzi clips from the hall table;walk through the curtains (E);and enter the Birthday Gift Room (Secret 1).
Have a good one,'old' man :)
by Marksdad
04 Feb 2018 11:50
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Topic: January's over, February's here, summer seems nearer
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Re: January's over, February's here, summer seems nearer

You should say "Single malt" - nothing else counts :)
by Marksdad
30 Jan 2018 14:07
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Topic: I'm Back
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Re: I'm Back

@Torry, there is (or used to be,a year or two back) a conversion of TR1 for Android. I downloaded it to my Tablet;and,although the graphics were of decent quality,playing it was similar to what I imagine wrestling with the controls of an F1 car at top speed must feel like. All the various commands (...
by Marksdad
01 Jan 2018 10:53
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Topic: Happy 2018!
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Re: Happy 2018!

Happy New Year, everyone! :)