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by Marksdad
12 Mar 2018 10:40
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Topic: Happy birthday Jay!
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Re: Happy birthday Jay!

Many happy returns,you even older Trout :) :2thumbsup:
by Marksdad
01 Mar 2018 17:01
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Topic: Hello Cold March
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Re: Hello Cold March

I've just spent the day driving from Carlisle (near the Scottish border) down to Bedford (40 miles north of London).
Quietest drive I've ever done!
Snow everywhere;but the motorway's were excellently gritted,and most drivers were obviously staying at home. :)
by Marksdad
17 Feb 2018 10:29
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Topic: Happy birthday, Horus (30)!
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Re: Happy birthday, Horus (30)!

Never Thirty!
Not at all.No.
It was a year or two back that she was 18, wasn't it?
Clearly there's been some error with the database.

Happy Birthday,anyway :)
by Marksdad
10 Feb 2018 09:57
Forum: Technical Problems
Topic: Tomb4.exe
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Re: Tomb4.exe

Welcome back,btw :)
by Marksdad
07 Feb 2018 10:13
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Topic: Happy birthday Dutchy
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Re: Happy birthday Dutchy

To get to your birthday presents,you need to turn W out of your bedroom;descend the staircase;head NW;collect Uzi clips from the hall table;walk through the curtains (E);and enter the Birthday Gift Room (Secret 1).
Have a good one,'old' man :)
by Marksdad
04 Feb 2018 11:50
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Topic: January's over, February's here, summer seems nearer
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Re: January's over, February's here, summer seems nearer

You should say "Single malt" - nothing else counts :)
by Marksdad
30 Jan 2018 14:07
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Topic: I'm Back
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Re: I'm Back

@Torry, there is (or used to be,a year or two back) a conversion of TR1 for Android. I downloaded it to my Tablet;and,although the graphics were of decent quality,playing it was similar to what I imagine wrestling with the controls of an F1 car at top speed must feel like. All the various commands (...
by Marksdad
01 Jan 2018 10:53
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Topic: Happy 2018!
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Re: Happy 2018!

Happy New Year, everyone! :)
by Marksdad
29 Dec 2017 14:56
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Topic: Post-70s music (especially for Phil)
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Re: Post-70s music (especially for Phil)

Most of those are pretty inconsequential.
THIS is the only one you need concern yourself with,Phil.
by Marksdad
28 Dec 2017 23:17
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Topic: Celebrate December
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Re: Celebrate December

And to you!
Good to see you here again. :2thumbsup:
by Marksdad
22 Dec 2017 10:32
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Topic: Happy Birthday Jorge22!
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Re: Happy Birthday Jorge22!

Many Happy :jump: :jump: Returns!
by Marksdad
21 Dec 2017 23:12
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Topic: Merry Christmas everybody!
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Re: Merry Christmas everybody!

I will try to release a little levelset soon for 2018 maybe just for the joy of making levels and sharing them to the people

:) :2thumbsup:
by Marksdad
20 Dec 2017 11:45
Forum: Chat About A Level
Topic: PedroTheGamer : The Egyptian Great Wall (Demo)
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Re: PedroTheGamer : The Egyptian Great Wall (Demo)

@MagPlus, I would strongly suggest that you contact Michael (or alert him to this thread);put your views across,and see if it's possible for him to remove the level in question from the Index. It's all very well to hope that players might punish Pedro with low scores and condemnatory reviews;but the...
by Marksdad
01 Dec 2017 14:32
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Topic: This years LevelBase Advent Calendar.
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This years LevelBase Advent Calendar.

Many thanks to the Levelbase crew. :2thumbsup:
Once again,you have done the TRLE world proud!
by Marksdad
17 Nov 2017 13:09
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Topic: Happy birthday Von Cory!
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Re: Happy birthday Von Cory!

I've been asked to provide a few details about Cory,updating his general situation. As he himself doesn't really visit this forum any more,I don't see any problem with this. In 2013 he took up the offer of a place at Balliol College,Oxford University,to study for an MSc (Masters) in Chemistry. He gr...