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by Katamaran
26 Nov 2018 19:30
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Topic: to administration
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Re: to administration

May I start with an apologize: I am not sure that I am posting in correct place. If so, please redirect me to the correct place. I found a link of a level which give me some problems: Tomb Raider II Revised - Part 1 Link that appears is:
by Katamaran
20 May 2018 19:21
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Topic: Recovery Status....
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Re: Recovery Status....

Frequenters of this forum now have some idea of the suffering experienced by drug addicts going through withdrawal. Michael has sponsored and maintained this site on his own from its inception nearly two decades ago. He could easily charge us for the privilege of accessing its many treasures, and u...
by Katamaran
01 Jan 2010 13:56
Forum: Stuck In A Custom Level
Topic: QRS-Egypt and beyond 2-Lair of the serpents
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Re: QRS-Egypt and beyond 2-Lair of the serpents

QRS wrote: Yes, the adventure is NOT tested with the level manager and bugs seems to happen if you used it! How did you solve the problems with the levelmanager? Would be good to know as I want to contact Paolone about possible buts etc. Paolone solved in advance such problems. In his last version ...
by Katamaran
21 Jan 2009 19:30
Forum: Stuck In A Custom Level
Topic: BtB-2009- The Mystery of Marsa Matruh
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Re: BtB-2009- The Mystery of Marsa Matruh

I am in a grotto with seaside in front of me, I killed 2 crocs and beheaded 2 skellies, I see on the roof a hole which I cannot reach in any way, I have in front of me a gate which needs a Blue gem. A Boulder hanging from a rope awaits me to find a torch. Now: I cannot find a torch, I cannot find a ...